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Flashpoint: Opportunity knocking for renewable energy in Indiana

By Steve Eberly

By almost any measure, the past year brought a remarkable expansion of renewable energy interest and projects in the Hoosier state. Renewable energy projects sprouted quickly, with more than a third of our state’s current solar and wind developments starting in 2021.


Rokita takes stand against climate change policy impositions

By Network Indiana

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita says he is defending Hoosiers against an attempt by Delaware courts “to impose climate change policy on Indiana and the rest of the nation.”
Delaware is seeking to sue numerous fossil-fuel companies on the premise that the companies’ activities have contributed to global climate change.


Report: Nearly Three Quarters of Indiana’s Waterways are Too Polluted for Safe Recreation

By Enrique Saenz

The fresh water that flows through the state like blood through veins keeps Hoosiers alive, literally and through its importance in agriculture and as an economic driver for other industries.


Indiana one of most polluted states. New report says legislature gets a D+ on green bills.

By Sarah Bowman Photo: Robert Scheer , Indystar

A new scorecard that grades Indiana legislators based on their votes in support of or against various environment-related bills has been released. In it, nearly two-thirds received a D or an F. Among them: the chairs of the House and Senate Environmental Affairs committees.


Solar canopies over Indiana airport parking lot provide shade and power

By YCC Team

Before travelers fly out of the Evansville Regional Airport in Indiana, they can park their cars in a large lot just beyond the terminal.
A few years ago, there was no shelter in the lot from the hot sun or pouring rain, so customers asked airport management to build covered parking.


Indiana communities are looking up to trees to reduce the impact felt from climate change

By Karl Schneider Photo: John Obermeyer , Purdue Entomology

Cityscapes and urban environments are usually dominated by towering concrete, steel and pavement, leaving little room for trees and natural landscapes that can help alleviate the growing impact of climate change.


What energy, environment bills are on their way to becoming law?

By Rebecca Thiele

There were several bills proposed this year’s legislative session that had to do with energy and the environment in Indiana. Many bills are still awaiting Gov. Eric Holcomb’s signature. Here’s a run-down of which bills passed and failed during this year’s legislative session.


Community groups discuss climate change adaption

By Jill Sheridan

A recent gathering to share ideas around climate adaptation brought more community groups into the discussion of environmental sustainability and resilience. The Climate Adaptation Summit was hosted by the American Red Cross and Indianapolis’ Office of Sustainability at Martin University on the city’s east side.


New Indiana Poll Reveals Strong Bipartisan Support for Renewable Energy

By National Audubon Society Photo: Lynn Cleveland , Audubon Photography Award

Audubon Great Lakes released findings from a new Indiana state-wide poll today that shows overwhelming support from Indiana voters – across all party lines – for more renewable energy in the state.


Hoosier Groups Urge Legislators to Pass Renewable Energy Bills at Statehouse Event

By Enrique Saenz

A diverse mix of groups met at the Indiana Statehouse to urge state lawmakers to support legislation that would make it easier and more cost effective for Hoosiers to adopt renewable energy systems.