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‘No point in anything else’: Gen Z members flock to climate careers

By Angela Lashbrook Photo: Allison Bailey , Shutterstock

“Once you learn how damaged the world’s ecosystems are, it’s not really something you can unsee,” says Rachel Larrivee, 23, a sustainability consultant based in Boston. “To me, there’s no point in pursuing a career – or life for that matter – in any other area.”


Arundathi Nair: Wyoming must work to transition to sustainable, renewable energy sources

By Camille Erickson

Every day starts with the use of energy, whether it’s our alarm clock, turning on the lights, heating, air-conditioning or driving to work. Ever since the industrial revolution, fossil fuels have provided cheap and abundant energy that have boosted economic growth and development. Wyoming is the largest producer of coal in the United States, contributing to about 40% of the nation’s production.


Climate Change Affecting More Than Just Humans on Long Island

By Priscila Korb Photo by Kaitlyn O’Toole

Long Islanders have been working to combat climate change, which has been affecting marine and wildlife in the area.


How some Mississippi teens are saving their town from climate change

By Rebecca Klein

The teens of Duck Hill, Mississippi, aren’t the teens you see on television protesting the impact of climate change. They’re not missing school to rally in the streets. But they know better than most how climate change is affecting the world.


Our Education: SIUE Successful Communities Collaborative continues to grow its impact

From being a crucial sustainability resource to sponsoring and supporting sustainable partnership projects, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville’s Successful Communities Collaborative (SSCC) is a leading force in the region.


Climate Cardinals Website Enlists Students To Translate Climate Change Information, Earn Community Service Hours

By Jeff Kart Photo by Getty Images

A new website called Climate Cardinals is filling a niche. With high school students around the United States (and world) staying at home due to COVID-19, there are few if any opportunities to earn community service hours (which look great on college applications).


Miami Beach Declares Climate Emergency Inspired by Youth Action

Youth activists rallying in front of Miami Beach’s City Hall successfully campaigned for the coastal city to declare a climate emergency, the Miami Herald reported.
The youth…


Greta and Tokata at the Front Lines

By Talli Nauman & Tatyana Novikova Photo: Tatyana Noviko

On a world tour for climate justice, Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg visited Native America Oct. 6-8, attracting a gymnasium full of enthusiasts at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, leading a march on Rapid City Hall alongside youth climate leader Tokata Iron Eyes, and speeding off to the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation.


11 Young Climate Justice Activists You Need to Pay Attention To

By Maia Wikler and Thanu Yakupitiyage

Indigenous peoples and people of color are disproportionately affected by our global climate crisis. In Tipping Point, a new VICE series that covers environmental justice stories, here are 11 activists to watch.


The Sunrise Movement Is Building An Army In The Early 2020 States

By Zahra Hirji Photo by Sunrise Movement

The Sunrise Movement is scaling up operations in Iowa and New Hampshire to mobilize young people demanding climate action to the polls in the early presidential primary states, organizers told BuzzFeed News.