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Find Your Purpose in Carbon Removal

By Kianna Marquez

As a young person, the level of action necessary to overcome the climate crisis feels insurmountable. The overwhelming challenge of mitigating the effects of accumulating greenhouse gases on atmospheric warming often paralyzes me—I have even doubted pursuing a career path in sustainability because I am unsure if our world is beyond the point of saving from environmental destruction and irreversible climate change. However, this past year, I turned this challenging prospect into an opportunity for hope.


Local art teacher looking to bring surrealist art to South Bronx mural

By Robbie Sequeira Photo: Photo John Riveaux

From the spacious mural of late Puerto Rican hip-hop legend Big Pun that adorns Intervale Avenue to the decadent murals of baseball greats outside Yankee Stadium, The Bronx has its fair share of beautiful artwork.


Northeast Elementary to raise funds for solar energy

By Kristy Bock

NC GreenPower announced earlier this year a list of awardees from 15 North Carolina schools that were awarded a solar educational package valued at $42,000. The schools will also receive donated SunPower solar modules, a STEM curriculum, and teacher training.


Presenting 2021 Best of Green Schools Award winners

The Center for Green Schools at the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), in collaboration with the Green Schools National Network (GSNN), revealed recipients of the 2021 Best of Green Schools Awards. Awardees include individuals, schools, campuses, and organizations advancing a shared vision of green schools.


Electrifying school buses will benefit local economy and children’s health

By Anne Mellinger-Birdsong Photo: Pixabay

After a school year like no other, Georgia’s students are well into their summer vacations. The diesel school buses that carry nearly half of America’s students sit idle, giving children and communities a break from breathing the unhealthy air pollution these buses spread. There’s substantial evidence that breathing diesel fumes puts children and their still-developing bodies at risk for damaged lungs, asthma and other respiratory diseases, cognitive impairment, and increased hospitalizations. It also increases their lifetime risk of developing lung and other cancers.


Woodland Hills School District wins national award for green initiatives

By Andrew Goldstein

The Woodland Hills School District this week was named the winner of a national award for its work organizing and promoting green initiatives. The Green Schools National Network and Center for Green Schools on Tuesday announced the district had won the 2021 Best of Green Schools Award in the school systems category.


High school students complete Blue Planet Foundation climate change advocacy program

By Kacie Yamamoto kyamamoto

Nine Oahu high school students graduated last month from the Climate Crew, an educational program for high school students rooted in climate science and data-driven advocacy.


Belmont Students Organize N.H. Climate Change Science Summit

By Annie Ropeik Photo: Ryan Caron King

Students at Belmont High School will lead a virtual summit on climate change science with state experts Thursday. Sophomore William Riley and junior Chris Pare, co-presidents of the Lakes Region school’s outdoors club, say they’ve learned a fair amount in school and online about climate change globally — but they’ve heard less about how New Hampshire is changing.


New Jersey Adopts Climate Change As Part Of Core Curriculum In All Public Schools

By Tonya Mosley Photo: Peter Summers/Getty Images

Last year, New Jersey became the first state in the nation to require all its public schools to adopt climate change education into its curriculum.Chatham High School in the township of Chatham, New Jersey, is one of the more than 2,000 public schools in the state implementing this new curriculum in the fall. Science supervisor Kristen Crawford says the new curriculum will be incorporated across every subject.


Cloquet students combat climate change, one tree at a time

By Jamey Malcomb Photo: Jamey Malcomb

Cloquet High School science students and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources partnered to improve their school forest and combat climate change in recognition of Arbor Day on Friday, April 30.