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INL assists in hydrogen project to move energy market toward carbon-free goal

By Jakob Thorington

Idaho National Laboratory is partnering with one of the nation’s leading energy producers to explore the benefits of hydrogen production.


Wind project would double Idaho’s turbine energy output

By Keith Ridler

A proposed energy project in south-central Idaho would more than double the amount of wind energy produced in the state, and U.S. officials said Thursday that they are taking comments on the plan.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management


Small Hydropower Proves to be an Ally for Rural Communities

By Hank Hogan

The same is true for power plants—most of the time. Normally, plants connect to the grid and help each other as needed. During a regional blackout, a power plant can be switched to “islanded” mode, operating as a local resource that serves only nearby critical customers.


What Idaho Is Facing With Climate Change, And Solutions — Big And Small — To Address The Crisis

By Frankie Barnhill

The UN’s new climate change report out this week makes it clear that the climate crisis has arrived and it could get a lot worse. Among the dire scientific predictions, there is a glimmer of hope: humans still have time to decide how bad things will get.


Report: Climate Change at Yellowstone Threatens People, Wildlife

By Matt Alderton Photo: Kevin McNeal , Getty Images

“Beautiful.” “Gorgeous.” “Breathtaking.” “Magnificent.” These are just a few of the words that tourists often use to describe the splendor that is the Greater Yellowstone Area, comprising approximately 22 million acres of wilderness in northwestern Wyoming, southcentral Montana, and eastern Idaho, including Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.


Boise wants you to participate in this Green Power Program

By Sophia Charan

As part of its future energy plan, the city of Boise asks residents to participate in Idaho Power’s Green Power Program — a chance to support renewable


Lawsuit challenges Hungry Ridge, ‘End of the World’ project; Friends of the Clearwater seek judgment to vacate decisions

By David Rauzi

A civil suit was filed in federal court last week, challenging U.S. Forest Service decisions authorizing two adjacent timber sales on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests. On April 28, Friends of the Clearwater (FOC) filed suit in the U.S. District Court of Idaho. Represented by Advocates for the West, the lawsuit challenges the “End of the World” and “Hungry Ridge” projects, concerning violations of the Endangered Species Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, and the National Forest Management Act.


NW solar, wind developments could impact vast swaths of ag land

By Matthew Weaver

Up to 146,000 acres of the Northwest — much of it farmland — could be converted to solar production by 2050, according to a recent study.


Potato wastewater could feed bacteria used to recycle high tech devices

By Cory Hatch

Every year, it takes millions of gallons of water to clean, peel and slice Idaho’s potatoes before they’re processed into any number of products from tater tots and animal feed to industrial starch.


Cat Creek Energy and Water Selects Voith Hydro Ternary Units for State-of-the-art Large Volume, Long Duration (LVLD) Renewable Energy and Water Storage Project in Idaho

By Voith GmbH

• Voith Hydro has been selected to design, manufacture and install 720 MW of ternary pumped storage equipment for the Cat Creek Energy and Water (CCEW) Project in Elmore County, Idaho.