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2016 was a banner year for the clean energy industry, in terms of both installed capacity as well as jobs created. The U.S. advanced energy industry has become a $200 billion sector, roughly the same size as the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. Several recent reports highlight this growth across the United…


Renewable Energy (Solar-Wind-Hydro), Power Production, and Energy Storage Systems

DBS’s electrical plans inspections, for Renewable Energy (Solar-Wind-Hydro), Power Production, and Wind Energy Storage Systems, exist to save installers and customers costly rework, time spent on field inspections and to ensure these systems meet listing, manufactures instructions and NEC requirements. Many of the system components are not accessible by field inspectors so compliance must be done through a plan inspection. In order to avoid resubmittals of your designs and documentation, please proof read and verify the accuracy of all information and documents you are submitting. Due to inconsistent, missing or unclear documentation sent to DBS plans inspectors, we often have to ask for additional information. This causes extra work for DBS, the installer and the designer. Submitting consistent, complete and clearly drawn plans will avoid extended timelines for plans inspections approval. We appreciate your help and cooperation with this.


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Idaho, also known as the Gem State, is rich in silver, phosphate, gold, and many other minerals, but the state has few fossil fuel reserves.1,2,3 Idaho’s energy potential lies in its substantial renewable resources, including solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, and biomass.