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What is dead pool? A water expert explains.

The Colorado River provides water and electricity to 40 million people in the western US, but falling water levels threaten both of those resources. …


IEA Predicts Record Renewable Energy Expansion for 2022

New renewable energy capacity will exceed 300 gigawatts this year for the first time, with mounting concerns about climate change and energy security driving an 8% increase over 2021 despite rising costs and supply chain…


Hydro-Québec mounts last-ditch effort to revive stalled power line project through Maine

All construction for the project, known as the New England Clean Energy Connect Transmission LLC (NECEC), has been on hold since Maine residents voted against it in a referendum last November. On Tuesday, the Maine Supreme…


Canada Risks Brownouts Without ‘Bigger, Cleaner, Smarter’ Grid by 2050

Canada’s electricity system will have to get bigger, cleaner, and smarter to help power the country’s net-zero transition, the Canadian Climate Institute concludes in a collection of three reports issued Wednesday. …


West’s megadrought delivers another blow: Saving Glen Canyon Dam

Another historic first is playing out in the Colorado River Basin as the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announces that for the first time, it is changing operations at Lake Powell’s Glen Canyon Dam. …


California Grid Briefly Peaks at 97% Renewable

California generated 97% of its electricity from renewable energy sources on a Sunday afternoon last month. …


Brazil dams: 1 million live close to danger

Data analysis by DW reveals many Brazilians live near dams that, without proper maintenance and governmental oversight, could be deadly in the case of failure. …


Dam accounting: taking stock of methane emissions from reservoirs

Mounting studies highlight greenhouse gas emissions from reservoirs, and now a coalition of environmental groups has called for regulatory action. …