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Hydrogen-Fueled Planes Could Meet One-Third of Air Travel Demands by 2050

By Sami Grover

As an Englishman living in the U.S., I was pleased to see Google Flights start to list relative emissions next to every single itinerary. After all, while there is much power in refusing to fly altogether, it’s not unreasonable to assume that many of us will continue to fly—and a shift to lower emissions routes could help heap pressure on airlines to finally start tackling their operational footprint. Research by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) has found emissions can vary as much as 80% on different routes between the same two airports.


Hydrogen is a false climate solution

By Mario Atencio

Indigenous communities in New Mexico have long dealt with the negative impacts of experimental energy projects promoted by state and federal governments. This legislative session, as the state faces a climate crisis that is already disproportionately impacting Indigenous, low-income, and communities of color, the stakes of energy policies are higher than ever.


The world is addicted to natural gas. Fossil fuel companies are lobbying hard to keep it that way

By Angela Dewan

Imagine a world entirely free of fossil fuels. That’s no longer such an abstract concept, as most of the everyday things we do can be powered by electricity — driving a car, heating a home, charging a phone or computer — and all that energy could come from sources like the wind, the sun and the natural movement of water.


Why Hydrogen Will Likely Be The Gateway To Net-Zero

By Ken Silverstein Photo: Getty Images

When Plug Power Inc. hosted its grand opening of a fuel cell and electrolyzer manufacturing plant in Rochester, N.Y this year, it explicitly said that hydrogen produced from clean energy would be the next big thing — and something just around the corner. Indeed, the Plug Power Innovation Center will ramp up production of its electrolyzers that are critical to decarbonizing the global economy.


The Millions of Tons of Carbon Emissions That Don’t Officially Exist

By Sarah Miller Photo: Bill Allsopp / Getty

In the North of England, in a tiny village called Drax, there is a power plant, also called Drax. The name is ominous: the sad honk of a mistake, ending in a hazardous-chemical “X.”


What you need to know about hydrogen – cure-all, or just another wild wish?

By SueEllen Campbell Photo: Jason Lawrence

You’ve likely heard about the potential for hydrogen to provide renewable, carbon-free energy. But how realistic are the possibilities? Where are things now on developing, or avoiding, them? Is it a panacea or a boondoggle, or something between?


‘No commercial case for green hydrogen’ yet: Siemens Energy CEO

By Anmar Frangoul

The CEO of Siemens Energy has spoken of the challenges facing the green hydrogen sector, telling CNBC that there was “no commercial case” for it at this moment in time. In comments made during a discussion at CNBC’s Sustainable Future Forum on Tuesday, Christian Bruch outlined several areas that would need attention in order for green hydrogen to gain momentum.


Green growth for the Gulf

By Julian Spector

An energy transition will make more friends if it brings workers along rather than leaving them behind. That doesn’t always happen, for instance, in a shift from coal power to solar plants.

But sometimes experts from the legacy energy industry spot an opening in the clean energy market and go for it.


DOE commits $20M to create clean hydrogen from nuclear power with Palo Verde project

By Scott Van Voorhis

The U.S. Department of Energy on Friday unveiled plans to spend $20 million on research into the production of clean hydrogen from nuclear power. The money will help pay for a demonstration project by PNW Hydrogen at the Palo