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World’s poorest bear brunt of climate crisis: 10 underreported emergencies

Care International report highlights ‘deep injustice’ neglected by world’s media, as extreme weather along with Covid wipes out decades of progressFrom Afghanistan to Ethiopia, about 235 million people worldwide needed assistance in 2021. But while…

‘Local is better’: battered Haiti looks to empower peasants to fight climate crisis

A grassroots body, MPP, aims to help subsistence farmers reduce erosion and flooding and increase food securityHelp us support those on the frontline of the climate emergencyOur charity appeal has raised £720,000. Add your donation…

‘All I can think about is the children’s future’: drought devastates Kenya

Nomads’ herds are dying along with rare wildlife as the longest dry spell in memory edges pastoralists ever nearer starvationDahabley smells of rotting flesh. Bodies of starved cows lie in various stages of decomposition, after…

Drought in northern Kenya pushes millions towards hunger

In northern Kenya, the ribs of dead sheep stretch towards the blazing sun as parched herders trudge past, a day's march from water. The value of their skinny goats is falling as fast as the…

Global Warming in South Asia: 800 Million at Risk

By Somini Sengupta and Nadja Popovich Graphics by By The New York Times | Source: World Bank
Climate change could sharply diminish living conditions for up to 800 million people in South Asia, a region that is already home to some of the world’s poorest and hungriest people, if nothing is done…