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Kill The Filibuster To Save The Planet, Says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

A “filibuster carveout” like the kind being considered for abortion is not enough, the New York Democrat said. …


Kagan Delivers Dissent On ‘Frightening’ Supreme Court Climate Change Decision

“The Court appoints itself—instead of Congress or the expert agency—the decisionmaker on climate policy,” Justice Elena Kagan wrote. …


The Netherlands, Facing Energy And Climate Crises, Bets On A Nuclear Revival

This isn’t the country’s first attempt at an atomic renaissance. Will the Dutch actually make it work this time? …


Congress Quietly Backed An Ambitious Climate Project: Sending CO2 To The Ocean Floor

The recent infrastructure law includes provisions to jumpstart carbon capture and storage, including offshore, to help stave off catastrophic climate change. …


Joe Biden Hosts Virtual Climate Meeting Amid High Gas Price Pressure

Biden repeated his goal to lower gas prices that are averaging a record $5 a gallon in the U.S. while also shifting away from fossil fuels to limit climate change. …


Tundra Fire Raging Through Southwest Alaska Threatens Villages

People are readying to evacuate as the state’s largest documented wildfire burns within miles of two Alaska Native villages. …


School District Issues Extreme Heat Guidance As Climate Change Plagues Classrooms

Philadelphia’s decision will affect around 100 school buildings that don’t have “sufficient air conditioning systems” to keep temperatures below the threshold. …