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This Year’s Record-Breaking Climate Disasters Usher In A Horrific New Normal

The extreme heat, devastating fires, deadly storms and floods we saw this year broke records — and the future only holds worse.

EPA Reverses Trump’s Fuel Mileage Rules On New Cars

The new rule is a climate win, requiring cars and light-duty trucks to average at least 55 miles per gallon by 2026.

A ‘Green’ Energy Project Leaves A Mississippi Town Gasping For Air

European climate subsidies funnel billions to wood-burning power plants that harvest trees from the U.S. South. The industry is taking a toll locally and globally.

FEMA Chief: Magnitude Of Recent Tornadoes ‘New Normal’ Due To Climate Crisis

Deanne Criswell says her agency is helping areas with ongoing rescue efforts after they were hit by a deadly swarm of severe twisters on Friday night.

Explainer: Was Deadly Tornado Storm System Related To Climate Change?

Warm weather was a crucial ingredient in the outbreak that killed dozens of people, but whether climate change is a factor is not quite as clear.

Denver Sees First Snowfall After Breaking 87-Year-Old Record

It wasn’t much: The official measurement at the Denver International Airport was three-tenths of an inch (7.6 millimeters).

Young People Worldwide Are Extremely Anxious About The Climate Crisis: Survey

Nearly 60% of young people are “very” or “extremely” worried about the climate crisis, and 45% say this negatively affects their daily life and functioning.

Should We Electrocute The Oceans To Curb Climate Change? That’s One Idea.

A landmark report looks at potential human interventions to boost how much planet-warming carbon dioxide the sea can suck up.