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Climate change will break the housing market, says David Burt, who predicted the 2008 financial crisis

By Rachel Koning Beals Photo: Getty
Risk to the housing market from underestimated climate change echoes lessons from the 2008 subprime-mortgage debacle — as does the chance to capitalize on these miscalculations.

Snowbirds beware: Hurricanes could speed Florida’s real estate reckoning

By Christopher Flavelle Photo: The Canadian Press
Ross Hancock sold his four-bedroom house in Coral Gables, a city of pastel luxury at the edge of Miami, because he was worried that sea-level rise would eventually hurt his property’s value. He and his…

Scaling Back Montauk Hamlet Study

By Christopher Walsh
The ongoing Montauk hamlet study was the subject of more discussion when the East Hampton Town Board met at the hamlet’s firehouse on Tuesday with the board and the consultant who has updated it as…

Seeking Higher Ground: Climate Smart Solutions to Flooding

By Rob Moore Photo by Philippe Wojazer/Reuters
NRDC has released Seeking Higher Ground, a groundbreaking report that takes a hard look at the plight of people whose homes are repeatedly flooded and the difficulties they face in acquiring assistance to move somewhere…

Seeking Higher Ground: How to Break the Cycle of Repeated Flooding with Climate-Smart Flood Insurance Reforms

By Rob Moore
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