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‘I Am Greta’ Review: Birth of a Climate Warrior

By Nicolas Rapold Photo: Hulu

In September 2019 at the United Nations Climate Action Summit, Greta Thunberg made headlines by condemning world leaders for abandoning today’s children to the ravages of climate change. “How dare you?” she asked, her voice shaking with anger. Truth-to-power moments like this alternate with quiet ones in “I Am Greta,” a documentary about Thunberg’s meteoric rise that suggests a new kind of hero.


7 young eco-activists we should be talking about

By Isabelle Chauzy Photo: Mari Copeny

Most would say Greta Thunberg is the poster child of the climate crisis. The 16-year-old activist’s profile has rocketed in the past year with her Fridays for Future strikes going international, followed by a two-week trip across the Atlantic in a zero-emission yacht to attend the UN General Assembly.


Greta wasn’t the first to demand climate action. Meet more young activists.

By Laura Parker Photo by Victoria Will

In what they see as a battle for their future, youths are taking action and demanding their elders do more to protect the planet. DELANEY REYNOLDS, 20, is five foot two. When she is 60, she says in her speeches, sea-level rise in her home state of Florida will reach her waist. When she’s 100, it will be far over her head. Point made. “Kids get it,” she says.


19 youth climate activists you should be following on social media

Around the world, young people are mobilizing by the hundreds of thousands to demand greater action on climate change. Driven by the understanding that the action that leaders take — or do not take — in the next decade will determine life and livelihoods for generations to come, these young people are striking from school and taking to the streets for a transformational change for people, planet and our shared prosperity.