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Heat waves around the world push people and nations ‘to the edge’

By Raymond Zhong Photo: Emilio Fraile/Europa Press, via Associated Press

Millions of Americans are once again in the grips of dangerous heat. Hot air blanketed Europe last weekend, causing parts of France and Spain to feel the way it usually does in July or August. High temperatures scorched northern and central China even as heavy rains caused flooding in the country’s south. Some places in India began experiencing extraordinary heat in March, though the start of the monsoon rains has brought some relief.


Extreme heat and humidity kill thousands of cattle in Kansas

By Amy Cheng Photo: Christopher Smith , Washington Post

Thousands of cattle in Kansas have died in recent days due to high heat and humidity, dealing a blow to one of the country’s leading cattle production states as the industry grapples with extreme weather and rising production costs linked to the war in Ukraine.


Feeding a Hotter Planet

By Somini Sengupta Photo: Channi Anand , AP

Pandemic, war, and climate change have brought matters to a head. The world faces what the United Nations secretary general, António Guterres, this week called “an unprecedented wave of hunger and destitution.”


Record heat to peak in Southwest through Saturday, then swell to east

By Matthew Cappucci Photo: Pivotal Weather

Extreme heat that will challenge records is set to peak Friday and Saturday from the Desert Southwest to California’s Central Valley, before sliding toward the central and eastern United States. Highs could surge 10 to 15 degrees or more above average, exposing 45 million Americans to triple-digit heat.


Heat waves could soon have names

By Jennifer A. Kingson Illustration: Natalie Peeples/Axios

There's a growing effort to name and categorize heat waves the way we do hurricanes — to call attention to their significance, alert people to dangerous temperatures and prod public officials into action…


A summer of blackouts? Wheezing power grid leaves states at risk.

By Evan Halper Photo: David J. Phillip , AP

The nation’s power grid is under stress like never before, with regulators warning that the kind of rolling outages that are now familiar to California and Texas could be far more widespread as hot summer weather arrives.


Record heat fueling violent storms in central U.S.

By Matthew Cappucci and Jason Samenow

A sprawling dome of summerlike heat has swelled from Texas to Wisconsin and is poised to shatter records in more than a dozen states. Madison, Wis., Chicago, Des Moines, St. Louis, Kansas, Little Rock and New Orleans could all set record highs above 90 degrees Thursday.


Texas Power Grid Faces ‘Emergency’ as Early Heat Waves Scorches State

By Jake Thomas Photo: Brendon Bell , Getty Images

Texas’ power grid management agency has extended its warning of possible emergency conditions as residents turn to air-conditioning to cope with above normal temperatures. While temperatures are expected to remain high throughout the state, the agency overseeing the state’s power supply said there will be enough to meet demand.


Oregon Adopts Nation’s Strongest Farmworker Protections for Heat and Wildfire Smoke

By Lynne Terry

New rules going into effect in Oregon in June and July are expected to protect tens of thousands of workers from illness and death when temperatures soar past 80 or when the air becomes clogged with wildfire smoke.


Texas shatters heat record as temperature reaches 112F

By Greg Graziosi

Heat records in Texas were toppled when temperatures reached as high as 112F (44C), setting off a heatwave that will engulf much of the central US.
The record-setting temperatures occurred on Saturday in Texas, but similar heat records may be felt in other US locales, including an