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Can COVID lead to impotence?

Some studies find higher rates of erectile dysfunction among men recovering from the illness. But other factors related to the pandemic, like heightened anxiety, may also be to blame. …


Early exposure to air pollutants linked to high blood pressure in children, adolescents

A meta-analysis of 14 air pollution studies from around the world found that exposure to high levels of air pollutants during childhood increases the likelihood of high blood pressure in children and adolescents, and their risk for high blood pressure as adults.


This is how climate change takes a toll on the heart

By Sarah DeWeerdt Photo: Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Doctors know that cold temperatures can trigger heart attacks. But the effect of hot weather on heart attack risk has been more difficult to establish. Now, a team of German researchers has found evidence that heat-induced heart attacks are increasing, suggesting that climate change poses a risk to cardiovascular health.