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UH research: Hawaii could see more extreme weather as climate change worsens

By Samie Solina

Rising tides, more frequent fires, and extreme rainfall. Those are some of the predictions University of Hawaii scientists have as climate change worsens.


Climate Change Will Make It Harder To Protect The Environment Around Oahu’s Next Landfill

By Claire Caulfleld Photo: Ku'u Kauanoe , Civil Beat

In late 2010 and early 2011, heavy rains caused a Leeward reservoir to overflow above Oahu’s only municipal landfill, Waimanalo Gulch.


Hawaiian Electric’s renewable energy upgrades on Maui approved

Hawaiian Electric’s plans to build a new switchyard and make equipment modifications to two of the four retiring oil-firing generating units at the Kahului Power Plant, were recently approved by the Public Utilities Commission. Itʻs part of the companyʻs transition to using more renewable energy and cutting carbon emissions to power Maui.


Hawai’i Gas Makes Organizational Changes To Focus on Clean Energy Goals

Photo: Hawaii Gas

Hawaiʻi Gas has made organizational changes to better focus on its clean energy goals, with four leaders promoted to implement the company’s strategy to integrate sustainability into its core business operations.


When Kilauea Erupted, a New Volcanic Playbook Was Written

By Robin George Andrews Photo: Ruth Fremson/The New York Times

Back in the summer of 2018, Wendy Stovall stood and stared into the heart of an inferno. Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano had been continuously erupting in one form or another since 1983. But from May to August, the volcano produced its magnum opus, unleashing 320,000 Olympic-size swimming pools’ worth of molten rock from its eastern flank.


Hawaii’s beaches are disappearing due to climate change

By Janae Morris Photo: Getty Images

Rising sea levels paired with recent storm surges have been causing faster than usual erosion on Hawaii’s beaches and shorelines. “The coastal issues that are related to climate change are sort of the canary in the coal mine,” coastal hazards specialist Tara Owens told This Week co-anchor Martha Raddatz, who reported from Hawaii as part of ABC News’ ‘Climate Crisis: Saving Tomorrow’ series.


The battery knocking coal out of Hawaii

By Julian Spector

For Hawaii to finally knock coal power off its grid, it’s going to need a bigger battery.

And now that’s happening. Developer Plus Power held a ground blessing last week for Kapolei Energy Storage (KES), which will be the biggest battery in Hawaii.


Hawaii building huge new battery, bidding farewell to coal

By Julian Spector Photo: Lucas Assenmacher

When coal plants on the mainland U.S. began to shut down in droves, natural-gas plants were ready to take their place, ramping up as needed to keep the lights on. In Hawaii, that’s not an option — both because of the state’s commitment to having a carbon-free grid by 2045 and because delivering natural gas to the islands is prohibitively expensive.


Newsletter: Hawaii vs. fossil fuels

By Julian Spector Photo: Braden Jarvis

I’ve reported on a solar-powered ship crossing the globe and a battery that beat a natural gas plant in the city of Oxnard, Calif. — those stories involved short drives from my home in Los Angeles. But there’s plenty of innovation happening beyond the blue skies and golden sunshine in my backyard.


Some Hawaii Homeowners Damage Beaches to Protect Their Homes. A New Law Could Help Change That.

By Sophie Cocke Photo: Cindy Ellen Russel/Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Property owners selling homes, hotels, condos and businesses along Hawaii’s coastlines must disclose whether the properties are susceptible to damage from sea level rise under legislation that’s set to take effect next May.