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Amanda Hess: Apocalypse when? Global warming’s endless scroll

From “Don’t Look Up” to Greta Thunberg videos to doomsaying memes, we are awash in warnings that we are almost out of time. But the climate crisis is outpacing our emotional capacity to describe it….


Greta Thunberg’s happy crusade

From a Stockholm safe house, the teen-age activist discusses her disappointment in Biden and Merkel, her new documentary, “A Year to Change the World,” and “Rickrolling” her Twitter followers and pranking her parents for April Fool’s Day.


Is this the best of times, the worst of times, or both?

This week, the Upside finds that optimism will be better than pessimism at tackling global heating “Is this the best moment ever? Are we on the brink of extinction? Can both be true?” So begins Lily Cole in her forthcoming book Who Cares Wins, a very Upsidey piece of work which manages to champion not […]


Pandemic shows climate has never been treated as crisis, say scientists

By Matthew Taylor Photo: Sascha Steinbach/EPA

Letter also signed by Greta Thunberg urges EU leaders to act immediately on global heating Greta Thunberg and some of the world’s leading climate scientists have written to EU leaders demanding they act immediately to avoid the worst impacts of the unfolding climate and ecological emergency. The letter, which is being sent before a European […]


The Greta Thunberg generation pushes Harvard to deal with climate crisis

By Bill McKibben

The plural of “privilege’’ is “establishment,” and Harvard University is the greatest example on American soil — the richest private university on earth, and one that’s proven too hidebound and intellectually dishonest to grapple with the climate crisis now overwhelming the planet.


Climate change action: We can’t all be Greta, but your choices have a ripple effect

By Justin Rowlatt

So here’s the thing: the more action we all take, the less our climate will change and the more liveable the world will be for ourselves, our progeny and all the rest of the magnificent abundance that is life on earth. Now come on, that’s worth making a few lifestyle changes for, isn’t it?