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Subverting climate science in the classroom

By Katie Worth Illustration: Taylor Callery

Oil and gas representatives influence the standards for courses and textbooks, from kindergarten to 12th grade.


Is a Michigan energy firm using dark money to influence California’s climate plans?

By Sammy Roth Photo: Erin Kirkland , Getty Images

For all of California’s groundbreaking climate policies — the 100% clean energy mandate, the goal of ending gasoline-vehicle sales by 2035 — there’s still a lot of uncertainty over how the Golden State will zero out its planet-warming carbon emissions.


Gensler sees limit to SEC rule on carbon emissions disclosure

By Jim Tyson Photo: David McNew via Getty Images

The Securities and Exchange Commission will not require all publicly traded companies to disclose the carbon emissions from their vendors, suppliers and other third parties across their supply chains, but will limit the mandate to businesses that have already set goals for curbing such “scope 3” emissions, SEC Chair Gary Gensler said.


Why an energy crisis and $5 gas aren’t spurring a green revolution

By Evan Halper Photo: George Rose/Getty Images

As high prices move consumers to rethink their attachment to oil and gas, America is struggling to meet the moment.


House Democrats probe PR industry’s role in advertising for Big Oil

By Maxine Joselow and Others Photo: Andrew Harnik , Reuters

Good morning and welcome to The Climate 202! Today we’re worried about a shortage of Sriracha because of extreme droughts in Mexico, where the hot-sauce company sources its chile peppers. One could say it’s a climate-change-fueled condiment conundrum. 🌶 But first:


Forbes Global 2000 Firms Judged ‘Alarmingly Weak’ On Climate Plans

By David Vetter

Just a third of firms on the Forbes Global 2000 list of publicly traded companies have net zero emissions targets, and almost two thirds of those pledges fall far short on necessary detail, leaving major corporations open to accusations of greenwashing, a new report has concluded.


How Fashion Giants Recast Plastic as Good for the Planet

By Hiroko Tabuchi Photo: Georgie Hunter , Getty Images

An explosion in the use of inexpensive, petroleum-based materials has transformed the fashion industry, aided by the successful rebranding of synthetic materials like plastic leather (once less flatteringly referred to as “pleather”) into hip alternatives like “vegan leather,” a marketing masterstroke meant to suggest environmental virtue.


Top Biden aide prods big tech to crack down on climate misinformation

By Ben Geman Photo: Axios

Gina McCarthy, President Biden’s top domestic climate adviser, said tech companies should do more to prevent the spread of inaccurate information about climate change and clean energy.


‘Deny, Deceive, Delay’: How ‘Evolving’ Disinformation Tactics Stymie Climate Action

By Jessica Corbett Photo: Ronen Tivony/Getty Images

Pushing for policies requiring Big Tech “to be transparent and accountable about the harms their products create,” one campaigner said that “we should not continue this endless game of climate denial whack-a-mole.”


New research points to bad math behind corporate renewable energy claims

By Justine Calma Photo: Tony Avelar , Getty Images

The problem stems from companies’ reliance on Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to back up their green claims. A company receives a REC by paying to support renewable energy projects around the world. When brands say that they’re powering their business with 100 percent renewable energy, they’re typically still using electricity generated by fossil fuels; they’re just buying up renewable energy certificates to try to cancel out the environmental impact of their energy use.