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Georgia Tech’s Living Building, The Southeast’s Greenest, Is A Marvel Of Efficiency And Spare Parts

By Josh Green

It’s not every day the president of a major university stands before an auditorium packed to the walls with dignitaries and journalists, raises his arms like an inspired evangelist, points toward the restrooms, and extolls the virtues of using the toilet.


Sustainable Schools Make the Grade

Photo by Daniel Hopkinson

Tetra Tech’s High Performance Buildings Group hones in on the importance of designing sustainable schools.


Sustainability 101: How to Build a Truly Eco-Friendly School

Here are some of our favorite ideas for building schools that don’t just protect the environment today, but lay the foundation for the next generation as well.


5 ways to embrace school design sustainability in 2018

By Julian Owen

Designing schools focused on energy efficiency will not only help meet budgetary and social requirements, but also spread a planet-friendly message


Exploring Six Principles of Sustainable School Design

By Randall Fielding

The science of ecology provides us with a marvelous framework for understanding sustainable school facilities. Just as ecosystems in nature are sustained by the biodiversity within them, high performing schools support a diversity of learning modalities with a wide variety of spaces and building systems.


Green School Design: Better For Health And Education…And More Cost-effective

By Gregory Kats

A look at a new trend in school design that focuses on green school design to provide a healthier (and more cost-effective!) environment for students.