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Biden to invoke Defense Production Act for clean energy

By Ben Geman and Andrew Freedman Photo: Justin Merriman/Bloomberg via Getty Images

President Biden will shield solar project developers from the costs of potential trade penalties and offer new federal support for domestic panel manufacturing, the White House said Monday.


After championing greener building codes, local governments lose right to vote

By Alexander C. Kaufman Photo: AL BELLO/GETTY IMAGES

The nonprofit consortium that oversees much of the nation’s building codes just gave the construction and gas industries more control over the process.


Can the World’s Most Polluting Heavy Industries Decarbonize?

By Fred Pearce Photo: plus49 / Construction Photography / Avalon / Getty Images

The production of steel, cement, and ammonia together emit about one-fifth of all human-caused CO2. Technologies are emerging that promise to decarbonize these problem industries, but analysts warn that big challenges remain before the processes can be cleaned up.


Decarbonizing cities – how to harmonize buildings, mobility and infrastructure

By Francesco Starace and Jean-Pascal Tricoire Photo by Getty Images
An integrated approach is needed to fully decarbonize cities. Digitalization across buildings, mobility and energy infrastructure is key to achieving net zero carbon. Decarbonizing cities will not just benefit the environment, but also the jobs market, public health and well-being of communities.

Telangana’s new secretariat building will be blend of history, modern tech

The new integrated State Secretariat complex will be an amalgamation of historic architecture and modern technology reflecting the rich culture of Telangana.


Unique Passive House project in Newburgh nears finish line

By Lana Bellamy

“I just sequestered myself in here. I was totally out of danger because I told all my subcontractors, ‘Don’t come in,'” Robinson said, referring to when the COVID-19 outbreak began. “I would just sit here and listen to podcasts all day long and music and I would just have these great meditative, very long days.”


TAT designs Boston affordable housing to Passive House standards

The new, 55-unit expansion of Old Colony in South Boston is part of a decade-long redevelopment of the Anne M. Lynch Homes at Old Colony, as the affordable housing complex is known. According to the architects, the work also reflects an emerging national wave of affordable multi-family housing built to the stringent, energy-saving Passive House standard, which is better known for its use in high-end, single-family homes.


‘Building’ Sustainability for Buildings

By Minji Ko

The Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development was pleased to host John Mandyck, the CEO of Urban Green Council as part of the Spring 2020 Speaker Series. With a mission to transform buildings for a more sustainable future in New York City and around the world, the Urban Green Council researches and educates on policy solutions to enhance the sustainability of buildings.