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Decarbonizing Space Heating with Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Some studies show near-universal electrification of space heating, suggesting that ASHPs (with some backup from electric resistance heaters) can be almost a silver bullet solution for decarbonizing space heating. These studies start with the assumption that fossil fuel furnaces and boilers will be gradually phased out.

The How and Why of Green Building

Buildings around the world account for more than 40 percent of energy use and almost a third of greenhouse gas emissions. The United Nations Environment Programme projects that if we continue with business as usual in the building sector, these emissions will more than double by 2030.


10 Most Sustainable Office Buildings Worldwide

With the alarming changes in global climate and the running out of non-renewable energy resources, sustainability in design has become an essential requirement and not just a design option. Now, architects from around the globe are competing to design the most energy efficient buildings and achieve the highest energy and green building rating scores. Credible certification systems like LEED and BREEAM are raising the bar and setting solid goals for innovative designers.


Commercial Tenant Program

NYSERDA’s Commercial Tenant Program supports tenants, landlords, and industry consultants in improving interior office and leased spaces through thoughtful design, proactive maintenance and operations, and actionable plans to reduce energy consumption over the life of a lease. The program covers up to 100% of the consultant’s eligible professional service fees.


4 Ways To Make Commercial Buildings Sustainable

What goes into a green blueprint? What does it take to design sustainable commercial buildings? An eco-conscious architect has to answer these questions and others like them. They account for dozens of factors when drafting an office or industrial space to reduce its impact on the environment.


Top 10 green buildings for 2019

The Amherst College Science Center and Frick Environmental Center are among the high-performance projects to be honored with AIA 2019 COTE Top Ten Awards.


Sustainable Office Buildings

In more recent times, the importance of the changing climate and its effects on the environment are being given more attention in regard to design practices. As a result, sustainable work spaces are becoming more prominent and some may even argue that a more energy efficient building correlates to a more efficient and productive work environment.