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World’s biggest companies accused of exaggerating their climate actions

By Sam Meredith Photo: Andrew Aitchison | In Pictures | Getty Images

The climate pledges of the world’s largest companies plan to reduce absolute carbon emissions by just 40% on average, not 100% as suggested by their net-zero claims, according to a study of 25 corporations.


Chicago requires new building construction include EV charging capabilities

By Robert Walton Photo: Becky Phan

The Chicago City Council last week approved an ordinance requiring that new construction of some residential and commercial buildings ensures at least 20% of any supplied parking spaces are ready for electric vehicle (EV) charging equipment to be installed.


Top 10 Green Advances in Commercial Building

By Shanna Freeman

Although we’re more concerned about the environment now than ever before, that hasn’t kept us from continuing to put up new buildings. At least we’re concerned about how these buildings impact good ol’ Mother Earth.


What Is Green Architecture? (+How It Informs Modern Sustainability)

By Nicholas Van Antwerp

Science shows that humans are leeching the world’s resources. There have been many different reactions around the world to the scientific findings that Earth, as we know it, is endangered. In the architecture industry, the response has been the growth of green architecture.


When Office Buildings Go Beyond Green

By Joe Gose Photo: by Johnathon Kelso

The crowded field of third-party certifications has left some wondering which are necessary and which are just marketing gimmicks.


5 Ways Architectural Design Is Going Green

By Lara O'Keefe

Sustainability has been at the forefront of building construction and design for years. As Americans become more conscious of climate change and environmental issues, building owners are pushing for improved green building strategies that will help reduce the carbon footprint.


Green Offices Are No Longer The Exception, They’re a Competitive Must

By Adam C. Uzialko Photo by ponsulak/Shutterstock

From improving energy efficiency to mitigating the impacts of climate change, businesses have been working to meet the demand of a marketplace that’s ever-more ecologically conscious.


The Business Case for Green Building

The top two reasons for building green: client demand (35%) and market demand (33%). The global green building market grew in 2013 to $260 billion, including an estimated 20 percent of all new U.S. commercial real estate construction. This trend is expected to intensify in the coming years, both in the US and internationally