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Impacts of Green New Deal Energy Plans on Grid Stability, Costs, Jobs, Health, and Climate in 143 Countries

Global warming, air pollution, and energy insecurity are three of the greatest problems facing humanity. To address these problems, we develop Green New Deal energy roadmaps for 143 countries. The roadmaps call for a 100%…

Los Angeles just announced its own Green New Deal to drastically slash emissions

By Adele Peters Dillon Shook/Unsplash
100% renewables by 2045. 100% net zero carbon buildings by 2050. 300,000 new green jobs. Here’s how L.A. plans to accelerate its climate plans.

How Much Will the ‘Green New Deal’ Cost?

By Jessica McDonald
Since the ambitious and controversial Green New Deal debuted last month, Republicans and Democrats have sparred over the cost of the measure — a nonbinding resolution that broadly outlines how the U.S. should address climate…

What Is the Green New Deal? A Climate Proposal, Explained

By Lisa Friedman Photo: Pete Marovich for The New York Times
If you’ve heard a lot recently about the Green New Deal but still aren’t quite sure what it is, you are not alone. After all, it has been trumpeted by its supporters as the way to…

The Green New Deal and the New Deal: Is the Analogy Apt?

By Alan Krupnick Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images
With the resolution to create a Green New Deal just released, it is useful to look back at the original New Deal as a point of comparison.

The Green New Deal, explained

By David Roberts Photo by Sunrise Movement
An insurgent movement is pushing Democrats to back an ambitious climate change solution.