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Do airline offset programs really reduce your carbon footprint?

Carbon credits could eventually play an important role in fighting climate change, but right now a few dollars’ worth won’t change much. …


Salt scourge: The dual threat of warming and rising salinity

As rising seas increase saltwater intrusion and soaring temperatures cause greater evaporation, scientists say that the mounting levels of salt in waters and in soils pose a major climate-related danger and could become a leading…


Bill Spindle: The world has no choice but to care about India’s heat wave

The heat wave has been severe enough to make international headlines, but it is far from the only impact of climate change I’ve witnessed in the first half of my six-month journey through India. …


The climate profit buried in Scotland’s bogs

Repairing the country’s extensive peatlands could help the world mitigate climate change. It could also make a fast-fashion billionaire even richer. …


Satellite images show disappearance of iconic Canadian glacier

The Peyto Glacier in Canada’s Banff National Park has shrunk by around 70 percent over the last half-century, a dramatic change highlighted in newly released satellite imagery from NASA. …