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In Georgia, Bloated Costs Take Over a Nuclear Power Plant and a Fight Looms Over Who Pays

By James Bruggers Photo: Georgia Power

Ballooning cost overruns and construction delays at Georgia Power Co.’s Vogtle nuclear project threaten to cost the state’s electricity consumers billions of dollars in the decades to come, a new think tank report concludes.


Georgia’s ‘Carpet Capital of the World’ now makes solar panels, too

By YCC Team Photo: Jimmy Emerson DVM

Dalton, Georgia, is home to some of the world’s biggest carpet companies.
“We are the floor-covering capital to the world, and we’re very proud of that,” says Carl Campbell of the local economic development authority.


Combined Heat and Power as a Platform for Clean Energy Systems

Photo: Robert Felt , Georgia Tech

The state of Georgia could dramatically reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, while creating new jobs and a healthier public, if more of its energy-intensive industries and commercial buildings were to utilize combined heat and power (CHP), according to the latest research from Georgia Tech’s School of Public Policy.


Georgia farmers experiment with new crops as the climate changes

By YCC Team

Summer is the time to enjoy fresh, delicious peaches from Georgia. But winter weather is key to a good harvest. Peach trees need a period of cold to bloom well and produce abundant fruit. The same is true of blueberries.


Now on Hold, Georgia’s Progressive Program for Rooftop Solar Comes With a Catch

By James Bruggers Photo: Andrew Caballero - Reynolds , Getty Images

The math worked for adding solar panels to the roof of Temple Beth Tefilloh, a 135-year-old Jewish congregation that occupies a Moorish Revival-style building in historic Brunswick, Georgia.


Environmental group, elected officials push for clean transit

By Ariel Schiller

Electric school buses might sound like something futuristic, but Blue Bird has been making them since 1994.


Climate change safety: What the crisis means for your state

By Jamie Greenberger

Six years, 141 days, and just under 18 hours. At the time of publication, this is how long we had to achieve zero emissions to keep our planet habitable for future generations. By the time you see this article, we’re closer to the point of no return than ever before.


Drawdown Georgia and Solar Power in the State

By Alexia Ridley Photo: Rich Pedroncelli , AP

Reducing carbon emissions is a task facing scientists, environmentalists and others around the globe. Experts in Georgia one of the biggest sources of renewable energy available for the Peach State is Solar energy. Unfortunately, only about two percent of our electricity comes from solar.


Corps ruling secures metro Atlanta’s water from Allatoona for decades

By Tammar Hallerman

For the third time in less than five months, metro Atlanta received assurance from federal authorities that a significant portion of its water supply needs will be secure in the decades to come.


Red Cross encourages planning during National Preparedness Month

Families across the country are feeling the impact of climate change as we see more intense storms, heavier rain, higher temperatures, severe droughts, and record-setting hurricanes and wildfires. The American Red Cross of Georgia urges everyone to get ready by making preparedness a priority this September during National Preparedness Month.