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5 Easy DIY Herb-Infused Cooking Oils From Your Backyard (That Could Also Even Heal Your Hands)

Herb-infused oils are wonderful to have on hand. Depending on the dried herb used, many infused oils are versatile. You can cook with them, use them as a moisturizer, treat small scrapes and cuts and…


Living Near Greenery Could Improve Cognitive Function

A new study from Boston University School of Public Health has found a link between living with exposure to more green space and an improvement in cognitive function. The research suggests that living near greenery…


More Than 33% of UK Compost Contains Climate-Warming Peat, Study Finds

Compost is generally seen as a positive thing for the environment, but it turns out that everything depends upon what that compost contains.  In the UK, more than a third of compost sold in 2021…


How to Help the Ocean From Your Garden

You don’t have to be in the ocean — or even near it — to have an effect on marine life. Here are a few ways to make your impact a positive one.
The post How…


Mark Cullen and Ben Cullen: Simple tips to fight climate change with your gardens

Climate change can make us feel overwhelmed — and maybe helpless. But taking direct action in your own garden is one way to make a positive contribution to this major issue of our time, while…


How to best make use of your garden to help tackle climate change

By Tom Bawden

Scientists have hit upon an unorthodox but highly effective way for households to tackle climate change – recreate a “pocket” wetland in your back garden.