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US government sues Hawaii over order to defuel Red Hill facility

The decision to take Hawaii to court sets up a possible showdown over the World War II-era fuel tank farm that is at the center of a water contamination crisis. …


World Energy Outlook 2019

The World Energy Outlook series is a leading source of strategic insight on the future of energy and energy-related emissions, providing detailed scenarios that map out the consequences of different energy policy and investment choices. This year’s edition updates the outlooks for all fuels, technologies and regions, based on the latest market data, policy initiatives and cost trends.


Chesapeake opens ‘green’ natural gas vehicle fueling stop in Dover

By Delaware Business Now

Chesapeake Utilities and its Sharp Energy business held a summit this week on “green” fleet management in the region. The event will be highlighted by a ribbon cutting of the Chesapeake Utilities compressed natural gas (CNG) public fueling station.


20 U.S. states, major cities urge Trump to drop fuel efficiency freeze

By David Shepardson

A group of 20 U.S. states and several major cities on Friday urged the Trump administration to abandon a proposal to freeze fuel efficiency standards after 2020 and strip California of the ability to impose its own vehicle emissions rules.


California blasts Trump proposal to freeze fuel-efficiency standards as ‘flawed’ and ‘illegal’

By Brady Dennis and Michael Laris

California officials on Friday plan to submit a 400-page repudiation of the Trump administration’s proposal to freeze fuel-efficiency standards for the nation’s cars and trucks through 2026, calling it a deeply flawed, disingenuous effort that will harm the health and pocketbooks of Americans.


Trump administration says driving will be riskier with tougher fuel standards but transportation experts disagree

By Tom Krisher and Ellen Knickmeyer

The Trump administration says people would drive more and be exposed to increased risk if their cars get better gas mileage, an argument intended to justify freezing Obama-era toughening of fuel standards.Transportation experts dispute the arguments, contained in a draft of the administration’s proposals prepared this summer, excerpts of which were obtained by The Associated Press.


Turning Solar Energy Into Liquid Fuel

By Nicolas Zart

Of all the strange things we do as a race on this planet, refining and over-complicating things are some of them. We’re never satisfied with letting things be and often time favor extravagant conspiracy theories over reality. After all, how would the opposing piston engine and the convoluted internal combustion engine system have worked until now otherwise? Even though it has brought us this far, we need to get rid of inefficiency for more effective solar thermal energy storage systems.