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Adapting to Climate Change, More Extreme Storms, and Sea Level Rise

The District is committed to ensuring our flood protection system can continue to operate today and well into the future. Our approach to Resiliency planning dovetails with our mission to safeguard and restore South Florida's water resources and ecosystems,…

A 20-Foot Sea Wall? Miami Faces the Hard Choices of Climate Change.

By Patricia Mazzei Photo: Zack Wittman , The New York Times
 Three years ago, not long after Hurricane Irma left parts of Miami underwater, the federal government embarked on a study to find a way to protect the vulnerable South Florida coast from deadly and destructive storm surge.

Dire report on global climate forecasts worsening problems in FL

By Laura Cassels Photo: Scott Eisen , Getty Images
Global climate scientists declared “code red for humanity” this week in a report forecasting an actual doomsday for the planet if nations around the world, particularly the largest ones, do not dramatically and quickly reduce…

The amount of Greenland ice that melted on Tuesday could cover Florida in 2 inches of water

By Rachel Ramirez
Greenland is experiencing its most significant melting event of the year as temperatures in the Arctic surge. The amount of ice that melted on Tuesday alone would be enough to cover the entire state of…

A Florida city wanted to move away from fossil fuels. The state just made sure it couldn’t.

By Emily Pontecorvo and Glen Richards Photo: Wera Rodsawang , Justin Sullivan , Grist , Getty Images
In January, Tampa was set to become the 12th city in Florida to set a climate goal to transition to 100 percent clean energy. But that was before the natural gas industry and Republican state…

Another ‘red tide’ left 15 tons of dead fish on Tampa Bay’s shore, and experts warn of more destruction

By Julian Mark Photo: Martha Asencio-Rhine
The dead fish have been washing up on the shores of Tampa Bay in West Central Florida since at least early June, thanks to a natural phenomenon known as “red tide” — large “blooms” of…

Climate Change Has Made South Florida A More ‘Hostile’ Environment. Did It Factor Into The Surfside Condo Collapse?

By Jenny Staletovich Photo: Rick Stephens , Miami Dade Fire Department
Four decades ago, when the Champlain Tower South condominium was built about a football field’s length from the Atlantic Ocean in Surfside, talk about the impacts from climate change still mostly happened in the cloistered…

What We Need to Learn from the Tragedy in Surfside

By Amy Davidson Sorkin Illustration by João Fazenda
Sara Nir was in her ground-floor apartment in Champlain Towers South, in Surfside, Florida, at around 1 a.m. on June 24th when, as she told CNN, she heard loud knocking noises. She went outside to…

Florida’s Remarkable New Wildlife Corridor from the Panhandle to the Keys

By Dexter Filkins Photo: Joe Raedle
This week, Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, who is known nationally for his unstinting impersonation of the state’s most famous new resident, signed into law a remarkable piece of environmental legislation that could become a model…

For Florida’s corals, no escape from climate change

By Jena Brooker Photo: Grist / Dole08 / Getty Images
As temperatures rise and oceans acidify, coral around the globe is being increasingly threatened by the effects of climate change. But for most coral ecosystems, there may be some respite — scientists say that many…