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Citing cost pressures on homeowners, DeSantis vetoes bill to end solar incentives

By Mary Ellen Klas Photo: Susan Stocker , South Florida Sun Sentinel

“Given that the United States is experiencing the worst inflation in 40 years and that customers have seen steep increases in the price of gas and groceries, as well as escalating bills, the state of Florida should not contribute to the financial crunch that our citizens are experiencing,’’ DeSantis wrote in a four-paragraph veto ….


States’ solar fights pinpoint tensions between environmentalists and utility companies

By Vanessa Montalbano Photo: Rich Pedroncelli

Lawmakers in Florida are clamping down on solar incentives for homeowners, escalating a years-long fight between clean energy advocates and politically powerful utility companies.


Florida passes net metering bill that will gut rooftop solar, advocates say, as they call for a veto

By Lulia Gheorghiu Photo: Fotolia

The Florida Senate on Monday passed a bill 24-15 that has been criticized by distributed solar advocates as an attempt to gut rooftop solar in the state. The bill had already gotten approval in the Florida House of Representatives.


Wildfires in Florida Panhandle prompt evacuations

By Alyssa Lukpat and Isabella Grullón Paz Photo: Michael Snyder/Northwest Florida Daily News

Three fast-moving wildfires in the Florida Panhandle have consumed more than 10,000 acres and forced the evacuation of more than 1,100 homes, the authorities said.


Florida House passes bill to establish climate change resiliency office

By Zack Budryk

The bill would require the state to develop a resilience strategy for its highways as well as a list of other resilience projects, with a list of priorities and cost estimates. It would also create a central database of sites such as hospitals, utility headquarters and airports at direct risk from rising sea levels.


Florida bill could obliterate the state’s up-and-coming solar industry

By Elizabeth Djinis Photo: Joe Raedle , Getty Images

As the Sunshine State, Florida might seem like it would be a leader in rooftop solar, but it’s taken years for the industry to make incremental progress in the state. Now a new bill threatens to upend that upward trajectory altogether.


Florida university to design ‘Category 6’ hurricane wind and surge simulator

By Jeremy Deaton Photo: Carolyn Van Houten , The Washington Post

When Hurricane Dorian and its 185 mph winds mauled the Bahamas in 2019, it was a wake-up call for disaster researchers.
As the strongest hurricane on record to hit east of Florida in the Atlantic, Dorian was so powerful that some experts said it deserved a Category 6 rating — the current scale tops out at 5.

The m


Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Includes an Unprecedented $1.1 Billion for Everglades Revitalization

By Amy Green Photo: Jeffery Grennberg , Getty Images

The dark water represents one of the most startling symptoms of what silently is killing the 156-mile lagoon, an estuary on Florida’s east coast that is among the most biologically diverse on the continent: nutrient pollution.


Miami residents are climate change refugees in this immersive art experience

By Jordan Levin A Photo: Armando Rodriguez

“Prelude to 2100” is artist Susan Caraballo’s vision of a future Miami besieged by climate change. Set decades from now, this immersive arts experience allows us to see much of what we’ll need in order to live in a world that could change in ways we can’t — or don’t want to — imagine.


Florida’s Red Tides Are Getting Worse and May Be Hard to Control Because of Climate Change

By Aman Azhar Photo: Octavio Jones/Getty Images

A task force appointed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to address the state’s algal bloom crisis concluded in a recent report that “without hard work and careful planning” adverse human health impacts and widespread wildlife mortality would most likely “worsen” because of climate change and the state’s growing population.