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South Africa floods: Death toll passes 306

The devastation fueled criticism that the government should have been better prepared for the weather after intense rain in 2017 and 2019. …


In Kenya, a community regrew its forest — and redefined reforestation success

What started as a group effort to find a solution to deforestation has seen a rural community in Kenya successfully regenerate 50% of their once denuded forest by planting at least 300,000 trees in just…


U.S. drought and flood-related crop insurance payouts have tripled since 1995

Insurance payouts for U.S. crops losses due to drought and flooding more than tripled from 1995 to 2020, according to a new analysis from the Environmental Working Group. …


Why climate change is pushing up lumber prices

“This is a supply-side problem. This is unlike any other market that any of us lumber traders have ever experienced.” …


‘Coastal county snapshots’ delivers new tools, data for climate resilience

By NOAA Photo: Coastal County Snapshots

A major update to a popular NOAA tool used to inform planning and decision-making in coastal communities is now online. Coastal County Snapshots, available on NOAA’s Digital Coast platform, turns complex data into easy-to-understand charts, graphics, and information.


Flood risk to diesel plant pauses Fort Simpson LNG project

A planned Fort Simpson LNG plant is on hold while officials examine how to move its existing diesel plant, threatened by floods last year, to higher ground. …