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Dutch Harbor is nation’s top fishing port for 23rd straight year

By Hope McKenney and KUCB - Unalaska Photo: Hope McKenney/KUCB
Dutch Harbor has been named the nation’s top fishing port by volume of seafood landed for the 23rd consecutive year. The Aleutians East Borough — including Akutan, False Pass, Sand Point and King Cove —…

Global Fishing Watch opens doors on new MPA management portal, transshipment data

By Mark Godfrey
Global Fishing Watch, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the sustainability of our ocean through increased transparency of human activity at sea, is seeking to improve science-based management of marine protected areas with a…

Ending harmful fisheries subsidies would improve the health of our ocean. This is why

By Maria Damanaki Photo: Unsplash
More than one-third of all fish stocks are fished at unsustainable levels, degrading biodiversity, and devastating the future of fisheries and fishermen. Despite this, many governments around the world continue to spend taxpayer money to…

Fish ‘not as carbon friendly’ as previously thought

By Darin Graham Photo: Getty Images
Previous research indicated that seafood has a smaller carbon footprint than other animal proteins, because fishing doesn't require farmland or the care of livestock. But a new study claims that catching fish using heavy nets…

What is the most sustainable seafood to eat in the UK?

By Sustainable Food Trust Staff
The recent release of Seaspiracy (see a review) has had a huge impact on what we think we can and cannot eat in terms of seafood. The rising awareness it has triggered around the desperate state of our…

Commercial fishermen say they are being ignored on wind power projects

By Joe Wojtas Photo: Scott Ritter/The Day
Stonington — For the past three decades, Town Dock fishermen and their counterparts across the Northeast have struggled to stay afloat in the face of strict regulations designed to rebuild depleted stocks of cod, flounder and other species.

Study finds protecting key ocean areas could boost total catch, fight climate change

By Chris Chase
A new study published in Nature has found that protecting key areas of the ocean would increase overall catch, help reduce carbon emissions, and protect biodiversity. The study, “Protecting the global ocean for biodiversity, food…

Technology to deliver sustainable fisheries

What gets measured, gets managed. That’s why the widespread application of remote electronic monitoring (REM) will be key to delivering the EU’s Green Deal. Although the necessary technological solutions already exist or are being developed,…

Reduced fish abundance possible due to climate change warming deep waters in Lake Michigan

By Max White Photo: AP Photo/John L. Russell
Climate change is warming Lake Michigan's surface, but also its deep waters, which could have a significant impact on the lake's ecosystem and mixing process. A long-term study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association,…

The four fish I would still eat – even after watching Seaspiracy

By Paul Greenberg Photo: Luis Sinco
Seaspiracy, the buzzy, frenetic, slick, sloppy, confused and gripping documentary that premiered on Netflix in March, is often wrong but mostly right. Led by Ali Tabrizi, and produced by the maker of Cowspiracy, Kip Andersen,…