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The smell of money: why locals think Peru’s billion-dollar fishmeal sector stinks

Those living in the coastal city of Chimbote say the industry pollutes the air and water, makes their children sick and has put local fishers out of workJust before you reach Chimbote, a seaside city…

Expanding national parks not enough to protect nature, say scientists

‘Urgent’ coordinated action to tackle overconsumption, farming subsidies and the climate crisis also needed to halt biodiversity lossExpanding national parks and protected areas will not be enough to halt the destruction of nature, warn leading…

UK fishing licences could be unlawful, says Oceana

Permits for UK and EU vessels will hinder efforts to protect marine life and may break habitats directive, conservation group warnsThe British government’s granting of fishing licences to more than 1,000 UK and EU vessels…

How Dick’s Sporting Goods went from gun reform to saving public lands

The Parkland shooting pushed the retailer to find its voice on social issues. It’s now opening a new chain called Public Lands dedicated to conservation.

An outbreak of ‘sea snot’ is killing Turkey’s fishing industry

Fishing in the Marmara Sea has become impossible as marine mucilage blankets the water, blamed on rising sea temperatures and pollution The post An outbreak of ‘sea snot’ is killing Turkey’s fishing industry appeared first…

Pennsylvania: Neighbors and anglers cry foul over Sunoco’s pollution of Chester County trout stream

The discharge is not toxic, but it can hurt stream life. And people who live near the work site are fed up with a project one says moves ‘full steam ahead’ no matter the consequences.

Fishing groups say Maine needs more time to gather input on floating turbines

People who make a living catching fish and lobster off the state’s coast questioned state officials’ commitment to working with the industry on offshore wind.

Fishing industry group casts doubt on offshore wind’s job creation promises

Wind advocates counter that a recent report obscures the potential for long-term employment as the industry continues to grow.