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The smell of money: why locals think Peru’s billion-dollar fishmeal sector stinks

Those living in the coastal city of Chimbote say the industry pollutes the air and water, makes their children sick and has put local fishers out of workJust before you reach Chimbote, a seaside city…

The next source of trouble for Great Lakes fish populations: tires

For 20 years, the mystery behind what was killing coho salmon in Seattle’s urban creeks seemed unsolvable. Then scientists discovered it was a chemical released by automobile tires. Now the tire chemical that was poisoning…

How to scare an invasive fish? A menacing robot predator.

The mosquitofish is wreaking havoc on native Australian marine life. In a new study, scientists tried to frighten it with a look-alike of its natural foe.

UK fishing licences could be unlawful, says Oceana

Permits for UK and EU vessels will hinder efforts to protect marine life and may break habitats directive, conservation group warnsThe British government’s granting of fishing licences to more than 1,000 UK and EU vessels…

Banned decades ago, PCBs still posing threat to wildlife

The presence of PCBs on a lake in the shadow of the White Mountains demonstrates how heat-resistant chemicals once used widely in electrical equipment and other industrial applications continue to pose a threat to wildlife…

The drought Is making the Klamath River’s baby salmon sick

Dry conditions are worsening a warm-water disease that’s sweeping through juvenile fish. Their deaths will create a future crisis for both fish and human populations.

Amid historic drought, a new water war in the West

A drought crisis has erupted in the Klamath Basin along the California-Oregon border, with fish dying en masse and farmers infuriated that they have been cut off from their main water source.

Land use tied to ‘intersex’ smallmouth bass in Bay rivers

Scientists are still trying to sort out exactly what's causing sexual abnormalities among smallmouth bass in Chesapeake Bay rivers, but they may be getting closer to figuring out how to reduce them.

Ocean warming has seafloor species headed in the wrong direction

As the world warms, many species of plant and animal will have to find new - often cooler - places to live. But things are trickier for sedentary marine creatures like snails, worms, and clams.