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Between drought and Ukraine war, Iraqi farmers face dire predicament

Searing heat and a lack of rain were already threatening his harvest. Then came Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, driving up the cost of fuel, seeds and fertiliser. …


The landfill of the future

Taking inspiration from science fiction, a small company on the Island of Newfoundland aims to revolutionize what we do with garbage. …


The Clean Water Act has failed to curb ag pollution

While the Clean Water Act effectively targeted “point sources” of pollution, such as factories and sewage plants, it didn’t include strong controls for “non-point sources,” such as farm field runoff. …


Saskatchewan family fights Imperial Oil over land contamination

The Browns walked into a bank for routine financing. They walked away with a shocking land assessment, no business and little hope of selling their property. …


From fish waste to community wealth

A grassroots project in India is turning fish guts that once polluted beaches into a useful commodity. …


Oligarch’s yacht, bought with money from Murmansk businesses, is seized by Italy

Andrey Melnichenko, owner of EuroChem’s mining and metallurgy subsidiary Kovdorskiy GOK, is sanctioned by the European Union in response to Russia’s war on Ukraine. …


Russia is a major fertilizer supplier. Here’s how farmers can use less

In the same way that the shocking invasion of Ukraine might accelerate the green energy transition, could it also nudge agriculture to find more ways to use less fertilizer? …


Shuttered offices, potentially high fertilizer costs: Here’s what the situation in Ukraine means for U.S. agriculture

“We import 80% of the fertilizer we use from outside the U.S. so the situation in eastern Europe will affect those supply chain issues around the world,” one farm bureau representative said. …