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Colorado residents ponder the road ahead after wildfires

Days after what might be the most damaging wildfire in state history, residents are just beginning to make sense of the long road back and the extent of the damage.

The perverse incentives of federal disaster aid

Experts worry that some federal disaster aid is actually creating perverse incentives for cities and states — and deterring them from making better climate policies.

Insurance for when FEMA fails

By Zak Coleman Illustration: Tara Jacoby
Hit by more disasters, cities and local governments are taking on new policies to fill the gaps left by Washington. But are they getting a fair shake?

How 2020 revamp of federal flood insurance rates could affect you

By Robert Brodsky Photo: Howard Schnapp
Location and rebuild cost are driving the new rates, FEMA and industry experts said. The overhaul has both support and criticism.

Climate Action in NY: 2019 Could Be Even Bigger than 2018

By Donna DeCostanzo & Jackson Morris
There is still good reason to be optimistic, as there is an inspiring portfolio of states and cities across the country that actually accept the science of climate change, recognize the economic benefits associated with…