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Gov. Whitmer wants federal aid to keep nuclear plant open

By Jennifer McDermott Photo: Patrick Semansky , AP

Michigan’s Democratic governor wants a nuclear power plant on Lake Michigan to stay open and she’s asking the federal government to pay for it.
But the owner of the Palisades Power Plant says it’s too late — the plant will be shut down in May as scheduled.


Biden restores climate safeguards in key environmental law

By Dino Grandoni and Anna Phillips Photo: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg News

A final rule announced Tuesday by the White House will require agencies to assess the climate impact of roads, pipelines and other infrastructure.


United States Pledges $600 Million to Combat Global Environmental Threats

On April 8, the United States pledged $600.8 million over the next four years to support the eighth replenishment of the Global Environment Facility (GEF-8). This is the United States’ largest GEF pledge ever. This pledge aligns with continuing U.S. priorities and supports the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to addressing climate change, conserving global carbon sinks and other critical ecosystems, and restoring the health of our ocean. The United States joined 28 other donors in collectively pledging more than $5 billion to support GEF-8, a nearly 30 percent increase over GEF-7.


Interior Department to resume oil and gas leasing, charge higher fees

By Anna Phillips Photo: Eli Hartman/AP

As pressure increases on the Biden administration to lower the price of fuel, the Interior Department announced on Friday plans to hold its first onshore oil and gas lease sales since President Biden took office.


Climate change could cost U.S. budget $2 trln a year by end century

By Timothy Gardner Photo: REUTERS/Elizabeth Frantz/File Photo

Flood, fire, and drought fueled by climate change could take a massive bite out of the U.S. federal budget per year by the end of the century, the White House said in its first ever such assessment on Sunday.


Biden Invokes Cold War Statute to Boost Critical Mineral Supply

By Ana Swanson Photo: Steve Marcus , Reuters

President Biden took steps on Thursday to try to increase domestic production of critical minerals and metals needed for advanced technologies like electric vehicles, in an attempt to reduce America’s reliance on foreign suppliers.


Biden administration announces new funding to make homes energy-efficient

By Anna Phillips Photo: Hilary Swift , The Washington Post

Amid surging inflation and energy price spikes, the Biden administration on Wednesday announced plans to spend roughly $3.2 billion to retrofit hundreds of thousands of homes in low-income communities with the aim of slashing Americans’ energy bills and greenhouse gas emissions.


Government Sets Carbon Limits on Concrete for Federal Projects

By Arianna Skibell Photo: Greg Pease , Getty Images

The procurement arm of the federal government is imposing new limitations on high carbon-emitting building materials for all its major projects, a move that will affect billions of dollars of federal infrastructure investments.


Here’s what Biden’s budget would do, and not do, for climate change

By Somini Sengupta Photo: Leigh Vogel for The New York Times

On Day 1 of his presidency, Joseph R. Biden Jr. brought the United States back into the global climate accord. His administration made bold pledges to cut emissions. It urged other countries to set ambitious climate targets of their own.


Inside Biden’s $5.8 trillion wish list

By Andrew Ross Sorkin, Jason Karaian, Stephen Gandel, Michael J. de la Merced, Lauren Hirsch and Ephrat Livni Photo: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

President Biden proposed a $5.8 trillion annual budget yesterday, a request that reflects growing security and economic concerns at home and abroad. There are billions set aside to invest in police departments and the military, paid for in part by higher taxes on corporations and the wealthy.