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New EU Rules Seek to Curb Fast Fashion

The European Commission, the bloc’s executive branch, proposed new rules Wednesday that would set mandatory minimums for recycled textiles by 2030 and other changes geared towards replacing throwaway culture with a circular economy.  “We want…


Textile waste is a growing problem — and Canada still isn’t doing enough to solve it, experts say

Textile waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in the world. Experts say it’s important to recycle and repurpose clothing even if it’s damaged. But some in the recycling and textiles industries say…


Jane Fonda Promises Her Red Coat is the Last Piece of Clothing She’ll Ever Buy Again

By Brooke Marine Photo: John Lamparski

Putting the words “celebrity” and “activist” next to one another makes for a fraught description of some members of Hollywood’s A-list, but for decades, Jane Fonda has been one of the rare celebrities to accurately represent the term.