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Soil Carbon Moonshot

3 Soil Carbon Moonshot Executive Summary
Investments from the US federal
government have shaped the notion of
modern farming known across the country.
For decades, the agriculture sector benefited
from robust public research and investment
that once established the US as a global
leader and helped the sector navigate
economic downturns, global competition,
and rapid population growth.


Farm Bill Primer: What Is the Farm Bill?

The farm bill is an omnibus, multiyear law that governs an array of agricultural and food programs. It provides an..


Restoring Soil, Profits, Farms and Futures

Meet four world-renowned regenerative farming experts and learn why they formed Understanding Ag, LLC.


Regenerative Farm Map

Click any pin on the map to view more information about specific farms. This is the easiest way to find local farms in your area selling regenerative products.


Livestock for Landscapes

Kathy Voth’s goal is to help farmers and ranchers be more profitable by helping them use their livestock’s natural behavior as an inexpensive alternative for mangaging weeds and other vegetation.


CalCAN – California Climate & Agriculture Network

We represent a statewide network of sustainable farmers and ranchers and allied organizations, agricultural professionals, scientists, and advocates.


Fibershed – Carbon Farming

The carbon cycle is a critical natural process that moves carbon through Earth’s atmosphere, biosphere, pedosphere, lithosphere and oceans.


Carbon Cycle Institute

The Carbon Cycle Institute’s mission is to stop and reverse climate global change by advancing science-based solutions that reduce atmospheric carbon while promoting environmental stewardship, social equity and economic sustainability.


Land Trust Alliance

The Land Trust Alliance is the voice of the land trust community. As the national leader in policy, standards, education and training, we work passionately to support land trusts so they can save and secure more lands now and for future generations.


A Greener World

Real transparency in food production from the farm right through to the plate.