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Presidential Executive Order 14008: The Climate Crisis Order

By Pillsbury

Presidential Executive Order 14008, “Tackling the Climate Crisis,” a long and unusually detailed Executive Order published in the Federal Registeron February 1, 2021 (see 86 FR 7619), has generated considerable discussion and commentary. Below, I briefly outline its provisions.


Details behind Biden’s ’30 by 30′ U.S. lands and oceans climate goal

By Bruce Lieberman

Among the many goals in President Biden’s climate change agenda, protecting 30 percent of U.S. lands and ocean territories by 2030 is among the most ambitious. And among the most complex.


Biden, Emphasizing Job Creation, Signs Sweeping Climate Actions

By Lisa Friedman, Coral Davenport and Christopher Flavelle Photo: Anna Moneymaker/NYT

The array of directives — touching on international relations, drilling policy, employment and national security, among other things — elevate climate change across every level of the federal government.


Biden Signs Executive Order To ‘Supercharge’ Climate Change Response

By Alison Durkee Photo: AP

President Joe Biden issued an executive order Wednesday taking action on climate change, which emphasizes job creation and takes a “whole of government approach” to the climate crisis that makes the issue a national security and foreign policy priority.