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Leading the charge: wildlife experts plan for future of Nepal’s rhinos

One-horned species was nearly extinct before poaching was curbed. Now the climate crisis could pose a greater threatGanesh Pant worries about the future. While he delights in the stunning conservation accomplishment that has seen the…

Port in a storm: the trailblazing town welcoming climate refugees in Bangladesh

The river town of Mongla is leading the way in a project to resettle people in a region decimated by extreme weatherBy the time the rising sun breaks through the morning mist over the Mongla…

Tax on parking: UK cities to impose levy on cars in bid to cut pollution

Leicester politicians hope levy on local firms will help cut pollution in cityCouncils across the UK are using radical strategies to cut the number of polluting vehicles on their streets in response to the climate…

House panel broadens probe into climate disinformation by Big Oil

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform has invited members of fossil fuel companies’ boards of directors to testify at a hearing next month on their commitment to addressing climate change.

Female leadership is good for the world. Just look at Barbados

Mia Mottley is just one of a raft of strong women across the Caribbean and South America tackling society’s most pressing issues. The world could learn a lot from themThere is a common misconception that…

‘Just a new fossil fuel industry’: Australia to send first shipment of liquefied hydrogen to Japan

Morrison government hails engineering milestone but researchers raise concerns and say it could increase emissionsGet our free news app; get our morning email briefingAustralia will export its first load of liquefied hydrogen made from coal…

South Korea presidential candidates urged to ‘make this the first eco election’ by young, key voters

Environmental activists representing the ‘MZ’ generation, the young age groups that are key swing voters in this election, say they will ‘choose a climate president who will guarantee the survival of us all’.

Staff blow whistle on Environment Agency that ‘no longer deters polluters’

Staff at England’s Environment Agency say it has been cut back to such an extent that they cannot do their jobs and the regulator is no longer a deterrent to polluters.

Chicago ranks 3rd in U.S. in deaths related to diesel pollution

People around the world breathed cleaner air after the economy ground to a halt during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. But Chicago and its suburbs missed out on the temporary reprieve from lung-damaging,…