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Declining Renewable Costs Drive Focus on Energy Storage

By Wayne Hicks Photo by Dennis Schroeder

An oft-repeated refrain—the sun doesn’t always shine, and the wind doesn’t always blow—is sometimes seen as an impediment to renewable energy. But it’s also an impetus toward discovering the best ways to store that energy until it’s needed.


To Store Renewable Energy, Try Freezing Air

By John Fialka Photo by Steve Smith

The system that supplies clean electricity to Vermont is not exactly a model of Yankee ingenuity. In 2011, the state adopted a plan to get 90% of its power from renewable sources by 2050. That led to a surge of wind-generated power from the northeastern part of the state and an expansion of solar.


5 Tangible Advances for Long-Duration Energy Storage in 2019

By Julian Spector

The big wins for long-duration storage always seem to be just around the corner. This year brought concrete signs of progress.


The Energy Storage Path to a Clean California

By Donald Balfour

Over the last two decades, the energy industry has been in a constant state of transformation, catalyzed by dramatic increases in clean energy and a multitude of technology innovations. In California, the spotlight has been on maximizing the use and storage of renewable energy to meet climate goals.


Which new energy storage technologies might outcompete lithium-ion in the 2020’s?

By Chris Wedding

Today, lithium is king of batteries. Plain and simple. That is, for now…Wood Mackenzie reports that lithium-ion batteries made up 99% of all [chemical] battery deployments in Q4 2018. Technology dominance is an understatement. But nobody is perfect.


Are Concrete Blocks the Next Batteries?

By David Grossman

In August 2019, the Japanese multinational holding firm SoftBank invested $110 million in Swiss company Energy Vault. It was a major boon for the company, which has a somewhat unique take on renewables: It stores potential energy through the use of stacked concrete blocks.


Getting to 100% renewables requires cheap energy storage. But how cheap?

By David Roberts

One of the most heated and interesting debates in the energy world today has to do with how far the US can get on carbon-free renewable energy alone. One faction believes that renewables can supply 100 percent of US energy, with sufficient help from cheap energy storage and savvy management of demand.


Why Energy Storage Is Proving Even More Disruptive Than Cheap Renewables

By Jeff Mcmahon

The falling price of renewable energy has been dominating the headlines, but more dramatic change is happening behind the scenes, where battery storage is disrupting the way utilities provide power.


Southampton Makes Big Strides on Sustainability

By Christopher Walsh

The report is a requirement of the town’s 400+ sustainability plan, adopted into its comprehensive plan in 2013. Southampton, like the Town of East Hampton, is a bronze-status municipality — a designation based on a point system and completion of priority actions and pledges — in New York State’s Climate Smart Communities program. The board and the committee discussed attaining silver status last Thursday.