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Tesla plan to sell electricity in Texas would cut out the ‘middleman’

By Jason Plautz Photo: Brian Tucker , Utilitydive

The Public Utility Commission of Texas has until November 15 to decide on Tesla’s application to sell electricity in the state’s deregulated market.


The other job for batteries in boosting the electric vehicle market

By Ben German Photo: Annelise Capossela , Axios

The electric mobility company Revel is installing battery storage at a New York City charging hub in a partnership that represents a growing and evolving trend in the industry.


Battery storage is on a growth spurt that’s about to get even bigger, EIA says

By Emma Penrod

Battery storage is on the cusp of a major growth spurt, according to a report by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The number of large-scale battery storage systems operating in the U.S. increased 28% in 2019 and is likely to continue to grow based on preliminary 2020 data, according to the report.


Stealthy battery company backed by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos has a lot to prove

By Catherine Clifford

A secretive start-up called Form Energy says it’s developing and scaling the production of a new type of rechargeable battery that can store electricity for 100 hours.


Extreme weather events are pushing consumers to solar and residential storage

By Pippa Stevens Photo: Mike Blake , Reuters

Extreme weather events across the U.S. — from wildfires and drought in the West, to deep freezes and floods in the South and Southeast — have disrupted the electric grid this year. As a result, homeowners are buying solar and energy storage systems at rates never before seen, according to data from solar website


Grid storage is required, but a lot less than many think

By Michael Barnard

There are multiple races under way in grid storage. The big one right now is securing seed funding for potential battery technologies. Billions are being invested in often faint hopes. Within technology groupings such as redox flow, a variety of chemistries are in competition to see which ones are most viable.


Here’s how we can build clean power infrastructure at huge scale and breakneck speed

By Jeff St. John

The U.S. can cut its carbon emissions to zero by 2050 — but it will have to build far more wind and solar farms, battery storage facilities, transmission lines and still-unproven energy systems than it’s ever built before to get there. And that won’t happen without a drastic transformation in every aspect of how this infrastructure is built today.


Long-duration storage market on the ‘cusp of maturity’: ESS CEO

By Jason Plautz

The long-duration energy storage market is on the verge of a major evolution that will help support a more rapid transition to renewable energy, speakers said at the Wood Mackenzie’s Power & Renewables Conference on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Musk: Supply chain issues creating ‘significant unmet demand’ for Tesla Megapack storage battery

By Jason Plautz

Tesla notched its eight consecutive profitable quarter, reporting more than $1 billion in net income in the second quarter of 2021 based on growth in electric vehicle and energy product sales.  Deployments of both the energy storage and solar energy products more than tripled compared to Q2 in 2020. Tesla reported $801 million in revenue from the energy business, up roughly 60% from Q1.


Form Energy’s $20/kWh, 100-hour iron-air battery could be a ‘substantial breakthrough’

By Jason Plautz Photo: Sean Gallup , Getty Images
  • Somerville, Massachusetts-based startup Form Energy on Thursday announced the chemistry for an iron-air-exchange battery that could offer long-duration storage at a price of less than $20/kWh.