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Alberta Oil Operations Leak Billions of Litres of Toxic Waste Per Year, Study Finds

Forty years of largely unregulated growth have left 1.4 trillion litres of toxic tar sands/oil sands tailings sloshing around in “ponds” on the shores of the Athabasca River, devastating ecosystems and First Nations communities with…


Canada  Can Hit 100% Zero-Emission Electricity by 2035 Without Nuclear, CCS, Report Finds

Canada can achieve 100% zero-emission electricity by 2035 with an electricity system that prioritizes renewable energy, storage, energy efficiency, and interprovincial transmission and avoids the pitfalls of nuclear generation, fossil gas, carbon capture and storage,…


In Depth: Departing Consultant Contrasts Shell’s Safety Commitment with ‘Complete Greenwash’ on Climate

The senior safety consultant whose high-profile resignation from Shell spotlighted the company’s “extreme harms” to the environment is drawing a sharp contrast between the colossal fossil’s enduring interest in safer work processes and its failure…


Citizen Action Keeps Investors Accountable for Climate Impact, Goldman Prize Winner Says

The last decade has seen a major shift in how brazenly financial institutions can cast their lot with carbon-heavy fossil fuel projects, but there’s lots more work ahead to hold them fully accountable, said Julien…


Ford Mistakenly Calls Massive Storm a ‘Once in a Lifetime’ Event as Death Toll Hit 11

Ontario opposition politicians sharpened their focus on climate policy in the dying days of the provincial election campaign after Conservative leader Doug Ford mistakenly called the massive storm that hit Ottawa and parts of Ontario…


Exxon Investors Demand Audit of Climate-Related Risk

Colossal fossil ExxonMobil faced three financial and legal setbacks in 48 hours earlier this week, with shareholders demanding a formal audit of the company’s climate-related risk and a Massachusetts court rejecting its bid to dismiss…


Australia’s Climate Election: Voters Kick Morrison to the Curb

If Australia’s 2019 federal election was about coal and preserving coal jobs, the 2022 campaign was about acting on climate change and addressing integrity and corruption issues at the federal level. This is the essential…


Greenhouse Gases Trap 49% More Heat than in 1990, NOAA Index Concludes

Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity trapped 49% more heat in the atmosphere last year than they did in 1990, according to the latest edition of an annual tracking report…


10 Dead, 300,000 Without Power as Sudden Storm Ravages Southern Ontario, Quebec

Hundreds of thousands of people remain without power after Saturday’s powerful storm that left at least nine dead and caused extensive damage throughout southern Ontario and Quebec. …


Critics Pounce, HSBC Disavows Exec Who Cautions Against ‘Unsubstantiated, Shrill’ Climate Warnings

A senior executive at the HSBC bank is being roasted for his claim that central banks and other global authorities are overstating the financial risks of the climate emergency—and his employer is distancing itself from…