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Electric Grids Are a Hidden Weak Spot in World’s Climate Plans, Report Warns

By Brad Plumer

Even as clean energy technologies like solar panels, wind turbines and electric vehicles spread rapidly across the globe, most countries are falling perilously behind in building the power lines and electric grids needed to support them, the International Energy Agency said Tuesday in an extensive analysis.


California governor signs bill to speed utility interconnections

By Robert Walton

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, D, on Saturday announced he signed SB 410, aimed at speeding customer interconnections to the utility grid and helping the state to electrify buildings and vehicles. “It is imperative that we accurately plan, prepare, and prioritize the connection and energization of customers,” he wrote in a signing statement.


$9 billion project aims to bridge east and west power grids, accelerate renewable energy

By Joshua Haiar

There are few wind turbines west of the Missouri River in South Dakota, and some experts say a lack of transmission lines is the main reason.


This utility’s undergrounding plan is causing sticker shock

By Wes Venteicher and Blanca Begert

Pacific Gas & Electric has been banking on burying power lines underground — both as a solution to the catastrophic wildfires it’s been responsible for starting and to the crippling liabilities that forced it into its latest bankruptcy.


New analysis shows how much PG&E bills could rise next year

By Julie Johnson

Pacific Gas and Electric Co. customers will pay between about $25 and $31 more each month for energy next year, according new rate estimates from state regulators obtained Thursday by the Chronicle.


State legislatures, Congress must do more to winterize power and gas systems, FERC says

By James Osborne

A report by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission warned Congress and state legislatures they need to require natural gas pipelines and power plants to better protect themselves against cold weather after a series of power outages in recent years.


4. Auto giants link arms on EV grid services

By Ben Geman and Andrew Freedman

Ford, Honda and BMW are forming a company called ChargeScape to “unlock entirely new value that EVs can provide to the electric grid,” Ben writes.


Update needed for 1872 mining law to boost clean energy, report says

By Timothy Puko

Because of a 151-year-old U.S. mining law, miners hold claims on federal land for years at little cost, work in secret and frequently submit incomplete plans to environmental regulators, according to a new report Tuesday by the Biden administration, which claims that the antiquated process needs to be updated to suit modern realities.


Our climate change debates are out of date

By Noah Smith

Solar and batteries are going to win, and our thinking needs to adjust accordingly.


The Incredible Shrinking Energy Use of a Light Bulb

By Nathaniel Bullard

Last month, new lighting energy efficiency rules took hold in the US, requiring new light fixtures to provide at least 45 lumens per watt of electrical input. While that does not ban incandescent bulbs per se, it has set a standard that is effectively impossible for them to meet. It also puts paid to the familiar illumination device dating back to Thomas Edison.