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Energy ended up as a good bet last year. But now what?

Oil prices soared in 2021, giving a boost to the stocks of energy companies. But with the world shifting toward greener alternatives, don’t count on that trend continuing.

Biden’s Energy Department struggles to reverse Trump rules relaxing energy efficiency

Trump's rules weakening energy efficiency standards for lightbulbs and other appliances live on. Delays, missed deadlines and a backlog of 33 overdue standards have hobbled the Biden administration's efforts to cut energy use and fight…

Going nuclear: Should nations unilaterally decide?

As nations like France extend the life of ageing nuclear energy infrastructure, bordering countries that could suffer most from a meltdown have little say.

The controversy around Balkan hydroelectricity

Balkan states continue to back controversial hydroelectricity projects, despite experts' urging that solar power would be a better option long term.

What’s Next for Biden’s Build Back Better Act? What Does It Mean for US Climate Policy?

Photo: C-SPAN screengrab House Passes the Build Back Better Act (budget reconciliation). Democrats are on the left in this image, the Republicans to the left.Well, it finally happened. An infrastructure bill has found its way…

Biden’s FERC nominee could pave the way for the administration’s massive clean energy agenda

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has a lot of decisions to weigh over the coming years that could make an enormous difference in U.S. efforts to fight climate change, with impacts ranging from the development…

Commentary: To meet climate goals, N.C. needs a new generation of energy policies

North Carolina’s electricity system is at a turning point, Jonas Monast and Kate Konschnik write, and new state energy policies are needed to achieve the emissions goals. Commentary: To meet climate goals, N.C. needs a…

Meet Biden’s energy and climate cabinet contenders

By Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman Photo: Kriston Jae Bethel for The New York Times
President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.'s energy and environment team will have the difficult task of crafting climate policies that can bypass Congress and survive judicial review.

‘Dark money’ group raises fears in Illinois energy negotiations

A mysterious group has spent more than a quarter million dollars promoting a vague agenda that’s critical of Illinois utilities’ clean energy transitions.