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Accelerated Clean Energy Development Could Save Americans $5 Billion Annually, Protecting against Inflation and Rising Natural Gas Prices

By Courtney Bourgoin and Others

With energy security, inflation, and gas and electricity prices flooding the news cycle, leaders are searching for solutions that will provide immediate and sustained relief. Global instability has once again put Americans at the mercy of fossil fuel price spikes — and this trend will continue if we fail to prioritize domestic energy sources like wind and solar that have zero fuel costs.


Creaky U.S. power grid threatens progress on renewables, EVs

By Tim McLaughlin Photo: REUTERS/Carlos Barria

After decades of struggle, the U.S. clean-energy business is booming, with soaring electric-car sales and fast growth in wind and solar power. That’s raising hopes for the fight against climate change.


Following record growth in 2021, renewables on track for new high

Photo: Pexels

The world added a record 295 gigawatts of renewable power in 2021 and is on pace to surpass that amount in 2022, according to a new analysis from the International Energy Agency.


For the first time, US renewable energy output exceeds nuclear generation, EIA finds

By Elizabeth McCarthy Photo: Adeline Kon , UtilityDive

The growing number of large solar and wind energy projects resulted in renewable generation beating out nuclear energy last year, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said on Tuesday.


Voter Suppression in Texas, Where Renewables Out-generate Fossils

By Nexus Media

Renewable energy generation outpaced gas as the state’s primary source of electricity in the first quarter of 2022. Wind and solar produced more than 32 gigaWatt hours in Q1, compared to the 29.7 produced by power plants burning gas primarily made up of methane. Meanwhile, elected Republicans in the state are stepping up their efforts to punish financial firms seeking to reduce or eliminate their investments in the fossil fuel industry. More than 70% of Texas support taking action to address climate change — 71% said transitioning to clean, renewable energy should be a “top” or “important” priority for the state, in a Climate Nexu but voter suppression and gerrymandered legislative districts minimize voters’ of color political power and entrench fossil fuel interests in elected offices, the Guardian reports. (Renewables > Gas: Houston Chronicle; ESG targeting: NPR, Bloomberg $; Voter suppression: The Guardian)


The US has more clean energy projects planned than the grid can handle

By Jeff St. John Photo: George Rose , Getty Images

The proposed wind, solar and battery projects seeking interconnection to U.S. transmission grids today are enough to bring the country to 80 percent carbon-free electricity by 2030. But based on historical trends, less than a quarter of those planned projects are likely to be built.


Renewables are growing — but a backlog of projects is holding up a greener grid

By Emily Pontecorvo Photo: Robert Alexander , Getty Images

From where Joe Rand stands, there’s good news and there’s bad news about renewable energy development in the United States — and it’s hard to tell which is more significant.


New Data Finds Common Ground in Addressing Climate Resiliency Among Academics and Beltway Professionals

By Battelle Media Relations

A recent survey commissioned by global research and development organization Battelle ahead of its forthcoming Conference on Innovations in Climate Resilience shows that more than two-thirds of academics and Beltway professionals believe the implementation of renewable energy solutions is the most important action the United States can take to become more climate resilient. Both groups also identified air quality as well as water, food, and agriculture issues as top health and economic effects they are personally experiencing from climate change. Adaptive solutions are needed immediately, as climate change is already disrupting billions of lives and humanity is not doing enough to limit the suffering, according to the United Nations’ latest climate report.


Swap Russian gas for renewables, EU tells member states

By Joe Lo Photo: Paul Langrock , Greenpeace

The EU is urging its 27 member states to use taxes on energy firms and polluters to fund a transition from Russian gas to clean energy sources for heating, cooking and electricity.


US coal use on the rise, but renewables continue rapid growth

By Karin Kirk

In the U.S., the amount of coal burned to generate electricity peaked in 2007 and then, between 2007 and 2020, fell by more than 61 percent. But as the effects of Covid-19 continue to re-shape energy markets, 2021 brought the largest increase in coal consumption in more than a decade. Since the start of the new year, increasing global anxieties about the fate of Ukraine, under attack by Russia, raise new concerns and anxieties certain to rattle energy futures.