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NYPA does not want new authority to build renewable generation, officials tell New York lawmakers

By Robert Walton Photo: Michael M. Santiago, Getty Images

The New York Power Authority is the largest public power utility in the country by generation but officials told state lawmakers on Thursday that they do not support legislation enabling it to build more renewables in order to drive down ratepayer costs.


Renewables industry marks slowest quarter since 2019 with installations down 55%

By Emma Penrod Photo: Lovelyday12, Getty Images

Developers installed 3,188 MW of utility-scale clean power in the second quarter, 55% less than the same period last year, according to a new report from the American Clean Power Association.


In a twist, old coal plants help deliver renewable power. Here’s how.

By Elena Shao Photo: Simon Simard for The New York Times

The sites, once a source of greenhouse gases, have a useful feature: They’re wired to the electricity grid. For new ventures like solar farms, that can save a lot of time and money.


Wind and solar provided record 10% of world’s power in 2021

By Robert Rapier Photo: Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Last week the BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2o22 was released, covering energy data through 2021. The Review provides a comprehensive picture of supply and demand for major energy sources on a country-level basis. It is a primary data source for numerous companies, government agencies, and non-government organizations.


Cost of New Renewables Temporarily Rises as Inflation Starts to Bite

London and New York, June 30, 2022 – The cost of new-build onshore wind has risen 7% year on year, and fixed-axis solar has jumped 14%, according to the latest analysis by research company BloombergNEF (BNEF). The global benchmark levelized cost of electricity, or LCOE, has temporarily retreated to where it was in 2019. Cost rises are linked to increases in the cost of materials, freight, fuel and labor.


In the Face of War and Pestilence, Clean Energy Keeps Growing

By Liam Denning Photo: Lee Celano

Covid-19’s remission wasn’t great for the energy transition. That’s the headline from BP Plc’s latest Statistical Review of World Energy.
But 2021 was kind of a Newtonian year: an equal but opposite reaction to 2020’s pandemic-induced plunge. And not completely equal either. Although global oil demand rebounded by 5.5 million


Clean energy investment lags as oil and gas prices soar.

By Patricia Cohen Photo: Yves Herman/Reuters

The head of the International Energy Agency said high prices for fossil fuels would probably persist for years.


Wind and solar power are ‘bailing out’ Texas amid record heat and energy demand

By Ella Nilsen

But unlike previous extreme weather events in Texas which led to deadly blackouts, the grid is holding up remarkably well this week. Several experts told CNN that it’s owed in large part to strong performances from wind and solar, which generated 27 gigawatts of electricity during Sunday’s peak demand — close to 40% of the total needed.


Why we need to recycle clean energy technologies — and how to do it

By Jeff St. John

In the past decade, solar panels, wind turbines and lithium-ion batteries have boomed in production volume and plummeted in price. That’s enabled many countries to accelerate the transition to lower-carbon electricity. It’s also helped electric vehicles become more mainstream, an important step in the push to decarbonize transportation.


California breaks record by achieving 100% renewable energy for the first time

By Evan Raskin

As Earth Month drew to a close, the state of California was recently able to produce virtually all of their energy needs from renewable sources for the first time ever.