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Mapping U.S. Wind Electricity Generation by State

Wind power is the most productive renewable energy source in the U.S., generating nearly half of America’s renewable energy. America’s wind energy generating states are all primarily located in the Central and Midwest regions of the nation, where wind speeds are highest and most consistent. Texas is the runaway leader in wind, generating over 92 Terawatt-hours of electricity during a year, more than the next three top states (Iowa, Oklahoma, and Kansas) combined. While Texas is the top generator in terms of wind-powered electricity, wind only makes up 20% of the state’s total electricity generation.


How governments and businesses can supercharge decarbonisation

Taking the necessary action to stay within 1.5 °C is
in essence neither a technology, nor an economic
challenge. It’s a leadership challenge.
To enhance and deliver on the pledges made at
COP26, immediate steps must be taken to move from


Supply Chain Contracting Forecast for U.S. Offshore Wind Power – The Updated and Expanded 2021 Edition

America’s growing offshore wind power industry now with a national target of generating 30 GW of clean, costeffective power by 2030 presents a $109 billion revenue opportunity to businesses in the offshore wind power supply chain over the course of the next decade. Theseexpenditures include making investments in the development,
construction, and operational phases in the offshore wind sector, also known as total
expenditures, or TOTEX.


New York Bight Draft Proposed Sale Notice Summary for the New York Bight Intergovernmental Task Force Review

The purpose of this document is to outline the basic principles and major decision points BOEM is considering as it develops a Proposed Sale Notice (PSN) for the New York Bight. BOEM will convene the New York Bight Intergovernmental Task Force (Task Force) on April 14 and 16, 2021, to gain input on the PSN and update members on recent planning activities.


Offshore Wind for America

The United States currently relies heavily on fos-sil fuels to heat our homes, fuel our cars, power our machines and produce electricity, harming our health and our climate. Across the country, however, America is beginning to embrace the promise of clean, renewable energy. Today, the U.S. gets about 11.5% of our electricity from wind, solar and geothermal sources, up from about 0.6% two decades ago.


South Fork

BOEM has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the South Fork Wind Farm and South Fork Export Cable Project. The following documents are available for your viewing.


2035 Report

Scientists say we must cut global carbon emissions in half by 2030 to avoid catastrophic climate impacts.


Doing what’s right for the Right whale

What good does it do to create a world running entirely on green energy if we harm the environment while doing it?


South Fork Wind Farm

The South Fork Wind Farm will produce enough clean, renewable energy every year to power 70,000 typical homes. It will help the Town of East Hampton meet its 100% renewable energy goal, and help New York State achieve its clean energy goals. When energy usage is highest, the wind farm will complement existing power sources to help ensure the area has enough power during peak hours. When energy needs are lower, the wind farm will generate enough electricity to power a significant portion of the South Fork.

Sunrise Wind

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has selected Sunrise Wind to Authority (NYSERDA) has selected Sunrise Wind to negotiate an Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Crediit negotiate an Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Certificate (OREC) Agreement for an 880 MW offshore wind farm.