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New York’s Hydropower Plan Stirs Concerns Over Impact on Waterways

By Danielle Cruz Photo by Adi Talwar

But NYC needs power to replace Indian Point’s nuclear energy without resorting to new fossil-fuel usage.


Hydro and Geothermal Stocks: The Dark Horses of Green Energy

Wall Street is underestimating hydropower stocks and geothermal stocks. And in the process, they’re giving you a valuable opportunity to profit from one of the most powerful renewable energy sources.


Global resource potential of seasonal pumped hydropower storage for energy and water storage

By Julian D. Hunt and Yoshihide Wada

Seasonal mismatches between electricity supply and demand is increasing due to expanded use of wind, solar and hydropower resources, which in turn raises the interest on low-cost seasonal energy storage options.


Energy Department Renews Commitment to Collaboration on Hydropower Research and Development with Norway

Last week the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and Norway’s Royal Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (OED) made a commitment to collaborate on hydropower research and development by signing an Annex to a previously signed memorandum of understanding (MOU).


America’s ‘First’ Renewable Resource Overlooked as States Embrace Clean Energy

By Malcolm Woolf

As laboratories of democracy, states deserve a victory lap for enacting renewable portfolio standards that have helped transform our electricity system. But as the original purposes of these laws have been largely achieved, states can now accelerate deeper progress toward what we really want: a 100 percent clean electricity grid that is also affordable and reliable.


The green power source that can do more harm than good

By Paul Hockenos

Climate change is already wreaking lethal havoc on the world of flora and fauna. So, all hands on deck to save the planet, right? We’re behind in the chase and need all the clean energy resources we can muster to hit the 2015 Paris summit goals and curb global warming, right?


Moving To The System Scale Can Improve Hydropower

By Jeff Opperman Photo by De Agostini

Hydropower is the world’s leading source of renewable energy and most hydropower projects generate low-carbon electricity. Yet—as highlighted in a recent op-ed in CNN—hydropower is rarely placed in the bin of virtuous renewables alongside wind and solar.


Dammed Good Questions about the Green New Deal

By Don Fitz

Hydroelectric power from dams might be the thorniest issue that proponents of the Green New Deal (GND) have to grapple with. Providing more energy than solar and wind combined, dams could well become the key backup “renewable” if it otherwise proves impossible to get off of fossil fuels fast enough.


How hydroelectricity will help power Asia’s future in 21st century

By M Joseph Photo by Getty Images

It’s tempting to imagine hydropower as a relatively modern phenomenon – born in the 1950s and really taking root only in the 21st century.


Department of Energy Challenges Innovators to Harness the Power of the Oceans

Today, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced developments in two new prizes: Waves to Water, which challenges innovators to desalinate water using the power of ocean waves, and the Powering the Blue Economy™ Ocean Observing Prize, a joint DOE-National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) prize, which challenges innovators to pair marine renewable energy technologies with ocean observing platforms.