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Geothermal energy: Drilling a 3,000-meter deep well

Destabilizing the precarious equilibrium at depth with geothermal wells may reactivate the geological layers causing earthquakes. Researchers have studied the seismic activity linked to a geothermal drilling in search of supercritical fluids. They discovered that…

2020 to become a milestone year for the global geothermal energy sector

By Alexander Richter
Going into a new decade, geothermal energy is well positioned in the efforts on a global energy transition providing heating, cooling and electricity around the clock, so the International Geothermal Association.

More Energy Expected To Come From Geothermal In California

By Brooke Ruth, Mark Sauer Photo By Kris Arciaga
Two new geothermal plants are in the works in the state, one is in the Salton Sea area and the other is in northern California. The growth in geothermal is believed to be spurred by…

California needs clean energy after sundown. Is the answer under our feet?

By Sammy Roth Photo by Mark Boster
After years of playing third fiddle to solar and wind power, geothermal energy is poised to start growing again in California. Three local energy providers have signed contracts this month for electricity from new geothermal…

Geothermal Energy Research in Port of Rotterdam Enters Next Phase

Shell Geothermal BV and the Port of Rotterdam Authority are investigating the possibilities for geothermal energy in the Port of Rotterdam’s western section. The two companies have received an exploration permit from the Ministry of…

How A Climate Change Nonprofit Got Eversource Thinking About A Geothermal Future

By Bruce Gellerman Photo by Bruce Gellerman
Natural gas utilities in Massachusetts are facing an existential crisis: they could be out of business by mid-century. That's because the state's 2008 Global Warming Solutions Act requires emissions from burning fossil fuels — like…

Geothermal Deal Could Lower Hawaii Island Electric Bills

A Hawaii island geothermal power company that was knocked offline by a volcanic eruption hopes to produce lower cost electricity under a new agreement with a state utility, company officials said.

Construction Begins on Geothermal District Heating Pipeline in Iceland

Photo by Andri Guðlaugsson
Construction of a new geothermal district heating pipeline is underway in rural South Iceland to the small town of Höfn. The pipeline stretches from its source nearly 20 km away.

Diversifying the Northeast power mix: Is offshore wind + storage key to the region’s reliability?

By Herman K. Trabish
As more New England states roll out offshore wind mandates, bringing the technology to scale is a portfolio priority.

Supercharged geothermal energy could power the planet

By Julia Rosen Photo by Getty Images
The next generation of geothermal plants will unlock more of Earth's bountiful, underground energy and could allow the technology to finally fulfil its promise