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How the oil and gas industry is trying to hold US public schools hostage

By Leanna First-Arai Composite: Getty Images

The oil and gas industry wants to play a word-and-picture association game with you. Think of four images: a brightly colored backpack stuffed with pencils, a smiling teacher with a tablet tucked under her arm, a pair of glasses resting on a stack of pastel notebooks, and a gleaming school bus welcoming a young student onboard.


California Attorney General Investigates the Oil and Gas Industry’s Role in Plastic Pollution, Subpoenas Exxon

By James Bruggers

The oil and gas industry has a new battle to fight with California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s first-of-its-kind investigation into their role in the global plastics crisis—and it looks a lot like one they’ve been fighting over climate change.


Oil Companies Report Huge Profits Amid Sky-High Gas Prices

By Lauren Leffer Photo: Ben Margot , AP

Today, ExxonMobil and Chevron released their earnings summaries for the first three months of 2022. And, surprise, while people in the U.S. were paying some of the highest-ever average prices at the pump, the oil giants were absolutely raking it in.


Biden’s urgent moves on gas prices collide with lofty climate goals

By Matt Viser and Anna Phillips Photo: Patrick Semansky/AP

The president took office determined to shift the nation’s course on climate change. That legacy could be threatened by the political urgency to cut gas prices.


California Oil and Gas Industry Leans on Political Heavyweights to Drill Wells

By Aaron Cantu Photo: Jerry Moorman

The California Geologic Energy Management Division so far has approved 89 in March and April, compared to 67 the first two months of the year and 35 the last three months of 2021 (most in October). Excluding new wells approved for water disposal — a form of underground injection that oil companies use to dispose of wastewater produced during oil and gas drilling — the rate of new well approvals rose 500% from January and February to March and April.


New details on big oil’s campaign to defeat climate action

By Jane McMullen and Patrice Taddonio

It was the 1990s, and scientific understanding of how burning fossil fuels would change the Earth’s climate was mounting. So, too, was a chorus of voices telling a different story.


Interior Department to resume oil and gas leasing, charge higher fees

By Anna Phillips Photo: Eli Hartman/AP

As pressure increases on the Biden administration to lower the price of fuel, the Interior Department announced on Friday plans to hold its first onshore oil and gas lease sales since President Biden took office.


Opinion: We’re in a fossil fuel war. Biden should say so.

By Farhad Manjoo Photo: Jessica Lutz for The New York Times

On one hand, it would seem uncontroversial to point out that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a war enabled and exacerbated by the world’s insatiable appetite for fossil fuels. It couldn’t not be so: Russia is a petrostate — its economy and global influence are heavily reliant on its vast reserves of oil and natural gas — and Vladimir Putin its petromonarch, another in a line of unsavory characters whom liberal democracies keep doing business with because they’ve got something we can’t live without.


Exxon cannot argue political motives as defense in climate suit – Mass. judge

By Nate Raymond Photo: Lee Celano , Reuters

A Massachusetts judge on Tuesday barred Exxon Mobil Corp from arguing improper, political motives were behind the state’s attorney general suing the oil company for allegedly misleading consumers and investors about its role in climate change.


Shell directors sued for ‘failing to prepare company for net zero’

By Damien Gayle Photo: Mario Tama , Getty Images

In what is thought to be a first-of-its-kind action, the lawsuit brought by activist shareholders claims that Shell’s 13 directors are personally liable for failing to devise a strategy in line with the Paris Agreement, which aims to limit global heating to below 2 degrees Celsius by slashing fossil fuel emissions.