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Fossil fuel firms among biggest spenders on Google ads that look like search results

By Niamh McIntyre
Fossil fuel companies and firms that work closely with them are among the biggest spenders on ads designed to look like Google search results, in what campaigners say is an example of “endemic greenwashing”.

Exxon Mobil aims for net-zero emissions from its operations in the Permian Basin by 2030

By Clifford Krauss Photo: Angus Mordant/Reuters
Exxon Mobil said on Monday that it aimed to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from its operations in oil and gas fields in West Texas and New Mexico by 2030.

Science report: US should make less plastic to save oceans

By Seth Borenstein Photo: AP Photo/Caleb Jones, File
America needs to rethink and reduce the way it generates plastics because so much of the material is littering the oceans and other waters, the National Academy of Sciences says in a new report.

If You Fund the Research, You Can Shape the World

By Amy Westervelt Photo: Hy Peskin , Getty Images
Much has been made, and rightly so, of the Koch network’s impact on universities. Entire campus projects exist to ferret out Koch cash, which is powering everything from the Regulatory Studies Center at George Washington…

Oil and gas companies should pay more to drill on public lands and waters, Interior Department says

By Sarah Kaplan Photo: David Zalubowski/AP
The document calls for increasing the government’s royalty rate — the 12.5 percent of profits fossil fuel developers must pay to the federal government in exchange for drilling on public lands — to be more…

Interior Dept. Report on Drilling Is Mostly Silent on Climate Change

By Coral Davenport and Lisa Friedman Photo: Steve Nesius , Reuters
The Interior Department on Friday recommended that the federal government raise the fees that oil and gas companies pay to drill on public lands — the first increase in those rent and royalty rates since…

Oil companies talk about low-carbon projects. How much do they spend on them?

By Jon Greenberg Photo: AP
Streaming into a hearing days before Halloween, Rep. Katie Porter, D-Calif., held up a Mason jar full of blue, red, yellow and green M&Ms for a demonstration on Shell Oil’s capital spending.

Rep. Katie Porter Used Her Costco Haul to Embarrass Big Oil

By Brianna Provenzano Photo: Alex Wong / Staff (Getty Images)
Whenever a smart, powerful woman starts using literal grains of rice to illustrate her point, you know you done goofed. Big Oil companies found that out the hard way when, during a House Oversight Committee…

A House committee has been investigating the role fossil fuel companies have played in disseminating climate misinformation

By Nick Sobczyk Photo: Ting Shen Getty Images
House Oversight and Reform Chair Carolyn Maloney said yesterday that she intends to subpoena four major oil companies and two trade organizations for documents and communications as part of her committee’s investigation into climate misinformation.

Should California Democrats take oil and gas money? The party is torn

By Sammy Roth Photo: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times
Four hundred thirteen parts per million.That’s how much carbon dioxide was built up in Earth’s atmosphere last year — a record 413.2 parts per million on average, according to the latest data from the World…